Art Crimes: Lizard King Ball 2003

July 20, 2003: 2nd Annual Lizard King Ball -- a tribute to Vaughn Bode at Theme City in Bridgeport, CT -- the biggest Bode production so far.

All artwork is © copyright 2003 the artists. Photos courtesy of Mark Bode. Please help give credit to the artists by sending in captions to -- mention Lizard King. If we're missing anyone's pieces, please send us JPGs.

lkb0301x.jpg Stan 1, Priz lkb032x.jpg MK, Sonic, Ink 76.BAD,Inc.CNA lkb033x.jpg ? lkb034x.jpg Rage 3, Jick lkb035x.jpg Eros, Mone, Sket lkb036x.jpg Swerm, Brat lkb037x.jpg Make and Maze lkb038x.jpg Marc Bode lkb039x.jpg Prim, Tec, Gamer, Sag, Bel, Spre, Ice, Credit lkb0310x.jpg Pheam, Jaes (toward end) lkb0311x.jpg Deem, Gusto, Brace, Bem, Accept, Phetus lkb0312x.jpg Deksta, Statz lkb0313x.jpg UW Crew, Jew (at the end) lkb0314x.jpg FC / FBA: Keo, Dash, Jase, Serve, Knows, Tack


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