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This page is ARCHIVED - Last updated January 2010. Current events are on Art Crimes' Graffiti News and Events blog now.

Have a graffiti event to post? Send text info and JPG flyers to .

* Call for participation


SCRIPT is primarily interested in the history, theory, interpretation, and literary alterity of filmscripts and teleplays, and we invite +/- 5,000 word articles concerned with the same. SCRIPT also solicits close readings of and critical investigations into other abject textual forms including: code arrays, asemic writing, graffiti, tattoos, and any other marginal(ized) scripted utterance.

A popular-academic hybrid, SCRIPT publishes belletristic work that blends academic rigor with the style of (new) journalism. Submissions should be jargon light, intellectually stimulating, and written for an educated lay audience.

SCRIPT also publishes:

- interviews with film and television writers, code poets, asemic and tattoo artists & graffiti writers

- excerpts from works of code literature & (un)produced/soon-to-be-produced/recently (re)discovered film and television scripts

- images/video of asemic art, tattoos & graffiti (master)pieces

- reviews of/responses to recently published scripts & (un/official) art installations

As a web-based journal, SCRIPT can publish all manner of (hyper)media including: images, sounds, animations, and videos. Such things can support written articles or serve as "essays" in their own rights. Quimby Melton

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Diar's blog

Diar is having a benefit auction on ebay to help him get through physical rehab after his horrible car accident that left him paralyzed.

View current items for sale (only a few are offered at a time).

He's making great progress! Please buy stuff and donate stuff for him to sell, if you can. Many of these graffiti collectibles would make great holiday gifts.

Please send art donations and get-well wishes to:

Benny D. Donations
725 N. 10th St.
San Jose, CA 95112

Thanks again for all your help and support!

A new benefit is planned for Dec 12th as well.

* Call for participation

Aura: Graffiti Journal

Send material to:

* Call for participation

Sticker Phiends III, Phoenix Arizona April 2010

The show was created in early 2008, when "Mad One" had the opportunity to curate a gallery show @ Hood Ride a gallery in downtown Phoenix, Arizona USA.

In April of '08 the show "Sticker Phiends" was born with full force with artwork/stickers being sent in by graphic designers, street/graffiti artists, photographers and bands/DJs from all over the world, in response to a few simple words of mouth to a couple of my friends and artists.

On April 4th 2009, more than 100 artists exhibited inside the gallery and about 1000 people joined in the incredible experience of art, music (Live DJ), and adult beverages with hundreds and hundreds of stickers. Also in the outside gallery portion 5-ft X 10-ft sticker wall collaboration was created featuring larger sticker/poster creations sent in from artists worldwide. This show just WON BEST OF PHoenix Art show in 2009.

"Sticker Phiends" was also supported by some very generous sponsors, like Sticky Rick, Day in the Lyfe zine, Spray Graphic clothing, just to name a few. The show also had tons of free giveaways like stickers, toys, prints ...

In April 2010 the second official "Sticker Phiends" show take place. Involved will be national and international artists.

If you would like to participate and/or sponsor the event in any form or have questions regarding the show details,

Send stickers to:

3212 N 38th ST
Phoenix AZ 85018


* New book


English edition | Format: 23,5 x 16cm (9.25 x 6.3inch)
128 pages | full color | 260 photographs & illustrations

ON THE RUN BOOK # 4 | release date 25th September 2009

After the successful relaunch of ON THE RUN BOOKS in spring 2009, we proudly present for your reading and viewing pleasure the first book in the second round of OTR titles: Part One – The Death Squad.

A book of great importance, Part One – The Death Squad gives credit where credit is due to the unsung legend that is Part One – an original style writer. This is the first publication that deals with his overwhelming impact on writing culture, with stories from the early days until now. We relish the opportunity to give props and acknowledge one of the true innovators who have paved the way for writing culture aesthetics today. Author Alain “KET” Maridueña delves into the life and times of Part One with exclusive essays on growing up in Spanish Harlem in the 70s and 80s, the mid 70s style writing developmental years, The Death Squad years and the legendary Hall of Fame New York. With foreword by Carlos “Mare 139” Rodriguez and exclusive, unpublished images from Part’s 70s and 80s train writing days along with more recent works. This is a historical gem not to be missed.

Here you can have a look inside the book.
ON THE RUN BOOK # 4 | Erscheinungstermin 25. September 2009

Nach dem erfolgreichen Launch der ON THE RUN BOOKS im Frühjahr 2009 präsentieren wir Euch für Euer Lese-und Sehvergnügen das erste Buch in der zweiten Runde der OTR-Titel: PART ONE – THE DEATH SQUAD.

Es ist ein wichtiges Buch. PART ONE – THE DEATH SQUAD gibt Ehre wem Ehre gebührt und erzählt die Geschichte der bis heute fast geheimen Legende des Style Writing Pioniers PART ONE. Es ist das erste Mal, dass sich eine Publikation mit seinem überwältigenden Einfluss auf die Writing Kultur auseinandersetzt. Wir freuen uns die Gelegenheit zu haben, mit diesem Buch einen der wahren Innovatoren des Writings zu würdigen. Autor Alain "KET" Maridueña taucht ein in das Leben von PART ONE mit exklusiven Essays über seine Kindheit und Jugend in Spanisch Harlem in den 70er und 80er Jahren, seine Style Explosion in der Mitte der 70er Jahre, seine Crew THE DEATH SQUAD und die legendäre Hall of Fame in New York. Mit einem Vorwort von Carlos "Mare 139" Rodriguez und vielen unveröffentlichten Bildern aus den 70er und 80er Jahren spannt sich der Bogen bis zu PART ONEs heutigen Werken. Ein historisches Kleinod das man sich nicht entgehen lassen sollte!

ISBN: 978-3-937946-58-0
Price Paperback: 9.95 €

Limited collector’s edition / Hardcover
ISBN: 978-3-937946-59-7
Price: 14.95 €

Part One Europe Tour 2009
Book Signings, Black Book Sessions and Workshops

25.09. Berlin | Hip Hop Stützpunkt / Common Ground Gallery
26.09. Berlin | OVERKILL
27.09. Dublin | ALL CITY
28.09. Hengelo | RADAR
29.09. Rotterdam | X-TREME 21
01.10. Barcelona | MONTANA SHOP & Gallery
02.10. Brussels | MONTANA SHOP & Gallery
03.-04.10. Rome | CROMIAE Prenestinae
07.10. Frankfurt | CARHARTT Store
08.10. Stuttgart | THIRDRAIL.DE
09.10. Cologne | DEDICATED Store
10.10. Cologne | CARHARTT Store

Book and tour info:
BERLIN | Tel: 0049-(0)30-21021 86-70 | Fax: 0049-(0)30-21021 86-77

* Online: September 2 - ongoing, 2009

Inaguración de la Galería Viertual Artefeito en la Lacucaracha día 02 de Septiembre!

Artefeito es una organización independiente, sus integrantes son voluntarios y para realizar acciones y proyectos contamos con el apoyo de quien quiere colaborar.

Algunas grafiteras contribuirán poniendo en disposición sus obras para la Galería Virtual.

Artefeito, donde entonces se encontrarán a la venta para quien quiera colaborar con nuestra historia y adquirir arte producido por las mujeres del graffiti. Parte del valor recaudado de la venta de las obras será donada para los proyectos de Artefeito, quienes pueden ser conocidos en nuestro sitio.

Además de una forma de apoyo a la Galería Virtual Artefeito y un punto de partida en la valorización de la producción femenina del graffiti, una iniciativa inédita tras el trabajo de las graffiteras de Brasil y el exterior.

* Los Angeles CA: August 29 - ongoing, 2009

New gallery in LA!

Gallery 6ixty6

* London UK - new classes

Art Outreach

AO's objective is the creative development of struggling youth in London and across the UK.

After meeting at Goldsmiths University, an institution which has consistently produced the world's leading artists and teachers, Alexis Milne and Nigel Dunkley founded Art Outreach.

Based in London, Art Outreach employs professional artists, designers, graffiti teachers and breakdancers to give lessons and workshops to many children and young adults all across the UK.

Classes are available to people with all levels of experience and can be kept small to ensure that every student/workshop member gets the attention that they need. Learning through simple concept and goal accomplishment work, the people who attend gain essential experience in completing a project from start to finish.

In delivering an extensive service we draw upon a variety of established artists working in the fields of street art/graffiti, urban graphics, animation and illustration.

Please contact:

* New magazine

Urban Roots

Urban Roots, by Stan One in Russia, is one of the coolest and best graffiti magazines in print. It's big (#5 is 174 pp), well printed, and full of fresh styles from Russia, Eastern Europe, and beyond. It's in its 5th issue now, but very few people have seen any of them yet, which is tragic. Ask your stores to buy some. Urban Roots is in both English and Russian languages, but it's 98% photos and almost free of advertising, just like we like.

Contact for more info and see for PDF previews of each issue.

* New video

Prokaza 2

A new film about Russian train writing

* New gallery

Blaubak Gallery

A non-commission art gallery located in the heart of Kirkland [Washington State, near Seattle, USA] and we are looking for local artists who would like to show at our exceptional venue. We are focused towards artists who need to show in a professional environment without going broke. All fees are pushed towards legitimate promotion and publications. We hand out flyers, we do press releases, we promote online and will be archiving them on our website for future visitors to browse.

  • march – mosaic (all mediums)
  • april – illustrators & poster art
  • may – abstract expressionism
  • june – urban art / spraypainters / stencilwork
  • july – artwork Americana (anything and everything American)
  • aug - nature painting and photography
  • sep – self portrait exhibit
  • oct – autumn / fall photography
  • nov – sculpture exhibit

Blaubak Gallery
133 Lake St. S
Kirkland, WA 98033
studio: (425) 822-2313

Public Art Viewing:
2nd Thursday of every month
4-6 different new artists rotating monthly

Private Viewing:
call for appointment
tuesday- friday

Please visit us online at

* New books


clip_image002 2.jpg



Since 1983, SENTO has been an active graffiti artist painting every surface that holds still long enough to get a fresh coat of Krylon paint. From New York‘s trains to billboards, from highways to freight trains and even going as far as travelling around the world painting. As a Bronx native, he has consistently pushed the boundaries of what it means to be a style writer and bomber. His style has influenced writers across the globe in cities like Madrid, Paris, Helsinki, Los Angeles and Amsterdam. His style is unbeatable and he is truly one of the world‘s best.

ISBN 978-3-937946-50-4 / Softcover
ISBN 978-3-937946-51-1 / Hardcover - Collector’s Edition


LOGAN has established his reputation as one of aerosol art’s worldwide heavyweights, specializing in murals, characters and illustrations. Having bridged the gap between spray cans and tattoo machines, Logan has become a master in graffiti-influenced tattooing. Check out this Sevillan’s résumé as he takes the world by storm! The book comes with a ton of exclusive texts and pictures.

ISBN 978-3-937946-52-8 / Softcover
ISBN 978-3-937946-53-5 / Hardcover - Collector’s Edition


CUBABRASIL: Over 25 artists from Brazil, Germany and Cuba joined forces in this extraordinary creative coming-together, which took place in Havana, Pinar del Rio, São Paulo and Berlin, over a span of five years. This book documents the countless pieces and large-scale murals, guerrilla video projections, workshops and exhibitions, which were born from this inter-cultural collaboration.

CUBABRASIL features: Latin American aerosol stars like Os Gemeos, Vitché, Nina and Joana; German aerosol artists Won, Neon, Cemnoz, Stone, the video artists group BerlinBeamBoys and some of Cuba’s best muralists.

ISBN 978-3-937946-54-2 / Softcover
ISBN 978-3-937946-55-9 / Hardcover - Collector’s Edition

For exclusives, interviews and further inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Presse Kontakt | Kerstin Lamb |

* New book

Mural Art

Murals on huge public surfaces around the world - Photo Album
by Iosifidis Kiriakos

[More art than you can believe. It showcases incredible murals, about 75% of which were done by graffiti artists (and the rest are extremely interesting too). The book has great color reproduction and layout, just like you'd expect from the Carpe Diem and Stylefile folks. And don't forget to buy some Carpe Diem magazines while you're at it. It's one of the world's best graffiti magazines all around. - Susan]

A comprehensive view of the mural art movement in progress all around the world, from graffiti to trompe l'oeil.

From Europe to Africa, from America to Australia, 100 of the most famous artists and the organisations that help realise these mural programs, present their best murals.

288 hard cover pages, more than 1000 coloured photos, a unique experience through the work of artists such as Ash, Dominique Antony, Blu, Bogside Artists, City of Philadelphia Mural Art Program, Eric Grohe, Cite Creation, Chemanus Murals, Herakut, Alicia Juana, Lake, Loomit, Art Mortimer, Mural Global, The London Police, Os Gemeos, John Pugh, Tasso, Kent Twitchell, WK Interact, John Wherle, Jeff Zimmerman, among many others.

For further information and to buy books, please contact:
carpe diem
288 pages, text greek/english, format: 30cm x 21,5cm (about 12 x 8.5 inches), hardcover.
ISBN: 978-3-939566-22-9

* New book

Subway Art - New edition

German version is out now, English version soon.

* New York: Every 2 weeks, 2009


Bi-Monthly Cypher Sessions

8pm-12am $5.Dollars

13 Thames St. Bklyn, NYC
[L Train to Morgan Ave. 3 short blox to Thames]


GROUND LEVEL- MICRPHONE MASTERS- Open Mic Freestyles/Poetix & Lyricism MIX MASTERS- Open Turntablism sets [technicians only PLEASE]


Special Guest DJS rokSEIZER & Richie Santiago
Best 3 bboys in Cypher..get automatic entry into BBoy Masters Undercard
[Saturday March 14, 2009 for a shot at NYC "Master" Title & $1000.]

Winners of Cyphers will be judged by consensus of peers & audience. "MASTERS" Defend Title for cash & prizes [TBD] as part of THE NY STREET MASTER SERIES


No Alcoholic Beverages Sold. (B.Y.O.B)

For more information/Details visit Breaker NYC or email


* New York City: Friday nights 2009

Pop-Off Fridays

BOMBIN' Magazine presents...

Pop Lounge
14 E. 58th St.
New York, NY, 10022

DJ Keith Alexander & DJ 350

Doors open at 10pm Party until 4am
Free until 11pm/$10 after

[There's a dress code, see flyer. - Susan]

* New book

Miami Graffiti

The first book documenting Miami’s graffiti scene by the photographers and authors of the two best-selling New York City graffiti art books, Broken Windows (Gingko Press 2002) and Burning New York (Gingko Press 2006). The graffiti art featured in Graffiti Miami is full of vibrant, tropical colors and a multitude of styles reflecting the surrounding environment. Alongside works of hundreds of artists are interviews, which take the reader on a lush visual journey through this unique and flourishing art form.

176 pages with 220 illustrations
Flexi-cover $25.00
Publication date: April 2009

You can order it at Amazon. The link is on the book's website.

[This book is very well done, as the Murrays' first book was. Inside the practical flexible covers are production after production (almost half of which are nonpermission works trackside or inside the abandoned buildings known as "penits" in Miami), with artists' statements about their influences and work. This is not a typical photographer's graffiti photo book, but instead it's a local scene lovingly documented in collaboration with the Miami writing community. This book is good for schools, good for libraries, and good for historians and collectors. - Susan]

* Online

Dirt Cheap Magazine

Downloadable on PDF, from the UK.

* New book

Bay Area Graffiti

From Back Alleys to Industrial Wastelands: The Distinctive Art of San Francisco

Mark Batty Publisher, a leader in distinctive books covering the graphic and communication arts, has released "Bay Area Graffiti" by noted San Francisco photographer Steve Rotman. It is the first book to focus on how this explosive cultural phenomenon runs rampant throughout the region.

With more than 700 photographs and personal descriptive commentary from over 50 of the featured artists, "Bay Area Graffiti" is an unrelenting documentation of the graffiti culture that evolved between 2004 and 2008 in the region, and how it blended into the urban and natural landscapes.

Rotman, better known in the cyber world as Funkandjazz--he was a jazz disc jockey and public radio announcer for many years--has been photographing Bay Area graffiti for more than a decade, posting much of it online. His personal desire for a more permanent record of his work was met with similar requests from many of his online followers. The result is "Bay Area Graffiti."

Born and raised in Minneapolis, Rotman moved to San Francisco to work in radio and, while there, became fascinated with the graffiti scene, which to him seemed to match the city's energetic and continually shifting cultural revolutions.

"I love color, and graffiti is full of great, brilliant combinations of color, as well as fascinating shapes and an undeniable vibrancy. I wanted the book to convey and celebrate the considerable dedication and creativity within the Bay Area graffiti culture," Rotman explains. "It is very gratifying to preserve the art and perspectives of these extraordinary graffiti writers."

Bay Area Graffiti
Steve Rotman
Street Graphics & Urban Art
208 pages
11+ x 9+ inches
Color throughout
ISBN: 978-0-9799666-0-6
USD $45.00
January 2009

* New book

U5:The Truth Behind The Lives

u5coverx.jpg by J. B. Torres

This book is written to provide insight on the lives of a group of inner city youths known as U-5. Hopefully it will provide enough of the insight needed to truly understand the type of lives they led, the way they were perceived by others, and the repercussions of events set in motion by the actions of individuals within the group. Furthermore, it will focus on two individuals within the group (Daniel Gomez and Rubin Fernandez aka Soni and Slick), the mystery surrounding their deaths and the repercussions that affected various members of U-5 up until this very day. It will take a look at how graffiti writers were/are portrayed by what we call ‘society’ and go into what I believe are inconsistencies depicted within the book "Subway Lives." It will take you into the heart of Bushwick, Brooklyn where it all started and twenty years later, today. It will follow them into some of their many escapades, some incomprehensible to believe, yet true. You'll get a true sense of the type of people they were, as friends, family and professionals tell us a little about them. Then you will be introduced to U-5 as not only a crew, but as a concept.

More info and buy online at: Xlibris or via paypal, ask for details.

  ISBN13: 978-1-4363-3666-6 (Trade Paperback)
  ISBN: 1-4363-3666-X (Trade Paperback)
  ISBN13: 978-1-4363-3667-3 (Hardback)
  ISBN: 1-4363-3667-8 (Hardback)
  Pages: 168

* Online

Studio Amour: One Thousand and One Nights

Ponk . Aimee . Pref . Nylon . Dora . Paris . Dibo

* New Book

Metamorphosis 2

Following the success of the art book titled 'Metamorphosis' which presents the work of 50 contemporary Surreal, Fantastic & Visionary Artists (including Alex Grey, Ernst Fuchs, Kris Kuksi and Chet Zar,) beinArt Publishing has published a second book, 'Metamorphosis 2.'

'Metamorphosis 2' features another 50 Contemporary Artists. The participating artists include H.R. Giger, Ron English, Michael Hussar, Robt Williams, Chris Mars, Lori Earley, Tiffany Bozic, Paul Booth, Shawn Barber, David M Bowers, Heidi Taillefer, Octavio Ocampo, David Stoupakis, Travis Louie, James Zar and Greg 'Craola' Simkins.

By publishing the work of established artists alongside that of relatively unknown – though extraordinary – artists, beinArt Publishing has brought host of new artists into the public eye.

'Metamorphosis 1' and 'Metamorphosis 2' are both Limited Edition Hard Cover Art Books, 112 A4 pages, with 122 plates.

For additional information, to view images from 'Metamorphosis 1' and 'Metamorphosis 2,' or to purchase a copy of the books, visit beinArt Publishing's online shop: metamorphosis.php

'Metamorphosis 2' is also available through Last Gasp distribution.

* New Book


* Online

Photos from Art Basel Miami

on Jeff Soto's blog
and Elementalc's Flickr

* Online

Educated Community's photostream

Nice photos of artwork from Jose Parla's show, a Kaws exhibition, and more.

* New book

Martha Cooper's

Tag Town

Dokument Förlag & Distribution ek för
Box 773, 120 02 Årsta
+46 8 13 33 32
+46 736 353 888

USA: Alphabeta in NYC has it
70 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn

* New prints and canvases


Richard "Seen" Mirando, from the Bronx, has some work for sale online. Delivery worldwide.

89 rue des Martyrs
75018 Paris
+ 33 (0) 6 28 66 32 36

* New book


By Felix Braun Published by Tangent Books

A definitive history of 25 years of Bristol Graffiti featuring works by: Banksy, 3D, Nick Walker, Inkie, Mr Jago, Xens, Will Barras and Sickboy amongst others

For further information visit

To be released Christmas 2008

* New book

Overground 3 – Trans Europe Express

A personal urban tale focusing on graffiti

Graffiti shapes the city. The city shapes graffiti. The physical environment sets its terms through obstacles and opportunities. In Overground 3, using the city as a starting-point, we encounter nine of Europe’s most influential graffiti writers. Their means of expression stretches from pared-down tags, through colourful graffiti productions, to huge installations. Nine extreme artists, each a king of his city. Masters of style and endurance. Their personalities and artistic expression are the results of their environment, and the differences between their lifestyles and driving forces is great. The hunt for the urban and artistic soul criss-crosses Europe. The distance between the CCTVs of London and the worn streets of Prague is not great, but the differences between the two cities are huge. For the first time, the artists are presented as a part of their environment. The city is their studio. They live and work in it, use it and safeguard it every day.

Overground 3 concerns the last free artistic expression of our time. Graffiti is the largest artistic movement in the world, inspiring fashion, music and design. Overground 3 is also the story of a Europe in which privatisation and surveillance are increasingly given space. These changes limit the opportunities for writers, but simultaneously increase the need to create and be visible.

Overground 3 asks questions about who owns the city and the importance of graffiti in Europe’s increasingly commercialised cities. The result is a personal urban portrayal, focusing on art and lifestyle, from Berlin, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Liège, London, Milan, Paris, Prague and Stockholm.

“This is my personal struggle against the Joe Bloggs life. I need excitement and challenge in my daily life. When I paint a train with my friends, I feel free. And also, it's my little contribution to the battle against zero-tolerance and the one-track mind of modern society.” - Cave, Copenhagen

Graffiti writers:
Berlin Clint 176 (124ers)
Copenhagen Cave (FYS)
Hamburg Rage (DSF)
Liège Apollo (ERS)
London Tox (DDS)
Milan Chob (THE)
Paris O'clock (YKS)
Prague Cakes (DSK)
Stockholm Aman (VIM)

Overground 3 is published by Dokument förlag.

For inquieres or questions about the book, please contact:

Title: Overground 3 - Trans Europe Express
Editors: Björn Almqvist och Torkel Sjöstrand
Writers: Björn Almqvist, Tobias Barenthin Lindblad, Malcolm Jacobson and Torkel Sjöstrand
Publication date: October 2008
First review date: 25/10 2008
Format 23 x 30 cm, bound
No. of pages: 176
No. of pictures: 200
Language: Swedish
ISBN 978-91-85639-11-3 (Swedish edition)
ISBN 978-91-85639-12-0 (English edition)


Dokument förlag
Box 773
120 02 Årsta, Sweden
+46 8 13 33 32

* New book

E Pluribus Venom

Sherpard Fairey Recent Work

A new book by renowned American artist Shepard Fairey takes issue with the symbols and methods of the American machine and the American dream. E Pluribus Venom presents a large body of the work shown in Fairey’s massive summer of 2007 exhibition at the Jonathan Levine Gallery in New York.

The works presented in this book expound specifically on the theme that gave the show its flavor. A loose translation of E Pluribus Venom is “Out of many, poison is derived" and is used here as a variation of the theme “E pluribus unum" (out of many, one), an early motto adopted by the United States Government that to this day appears on U.S. currency. The artist’s thesis contends that the notion of “many becoming one" actually results in a loss of individual power and influence, dangerously promotes homogeny, and is in fact a symptom of a society in decline. The works presented in E Pluribus Venom have been created with one objective in mind: to question the symbols and methods of the American machine and American Dream, and to celebrate those who oppose blind nationalism and war.

This publication is much more than a catalogue to an exhibition. It is a damning graphic condemnation of those who are motivated by the many forms of poison endemic in 21st century western society: the corner stones of capitalism, jingoism, xenophobia and unnecessary incursion of foreign territories. E pluribus venom uses powerful imagery to challenge our values and question the power of institutional authority. It also encourages the individual to maintain his or her independence. Shepard Fairey is a remarkable artist who utilizes styles born of the propaganda, hippie and Art Nouveau movements to advocate and celebrate peace.

Publication Date: September 26th, 2008
144 Pages, Hardcover, 9" x 12", 134 color Illustrations
ISBN-13: 978-1-58423-295-7 $29.95

[Tons of stuff I had never seen in this. Very nice size and printing too. - Susan]

* New Book

Taiwanese Graffiti - TOOYA

More info:

Buy Tooya at the Chinese bookstore

* Call for Artists

Artist Survey

My name is Sanah Choudhry and I'm a third year student at Durham University. I'm currently undergoing my dissertation which I have chosen to base around Graffiti. I would be really grateful if you could answer a few questions. It will really boost my dissertation work and give me a better insight into how artists such as yourself perceive graffiti within today's culture.

Obviously you will be anonymous and all your details that I have, which is actually only your email adds, will not be produced in the dissertation document itself, and will be kept entirely confidential. Please let me know if you do want your "name" to be acknowledged because I will be more than happy to add it in - in fact it will probably look better.

Contact Sanah for details at

* New Book

"Tag Town" - Martha Cooper

Dokument publisher is proud to present Tag Town, a photobook by the legendary Hip Hop photographer Martha Cooper.

Photo: Martha Cooper
Text: Tobias Barenthin Lindblad & Martha Cooper
Language: English
Number of pages: 112
Format inches: 7.48 x 9.85, 19 x 25 cm
Binding: Flexicover
Number of illustrations: 220
ISBN 978-91-85639-05-2
Retail price: € 19,90, £ 13.99, US$ 24.95

Dokument Förlag & Distribution
Box 773
S - 120 02 Årsta, Sweden,
Phone: +46 (0) 8 13 33 32
For more info, please contact Tobias Barenthin Lindlbad, +46 8- 13 33 32

* New Book

Bill Daniel's "Mostly True"

Book info and Who is Bozo Texino DVDs.

Buy the book here, it's cheap!

[The bookstore calls it a zine but it's a softcover book pretending to be a magazine.]

"From the director of the underground documentary film Who Is Bozo Texino? Comes a rollicking rail zine of boxcar graffiti and obscrure railroad nostalgia—the result of a 25-year obsession with hobo and railworker folklore. Freight riding stories, interviews with hoboes and boxcar artists, historical oddities and tons of photos of modern day boxcar tags are all presented in the guise of a vintage rail fanzine."

* Call for participation: Worldwide

first surface

an adhesive exhibit.

we are asking artists to submit nonreturnable stickers of all shapes, sizes and design content.

please send stickers and artist's names for publication. stickers can be sent to:

First Surface
Po Box 9003
Baltimore, Md 21222

current gallery
30 south calvert st.
baltimore, md 21202

Deadline: ???

* New book

Phil Frost monograph

Phil Frost honed his skills by painting walls, found objects and street detritus with his intricate, compulsive and highly evolved form of tagging. He crafts his painstaking paintings by collaging layers of found imagery on grounds of symmetrical black-and-white patterning, which he paints with correction fluid, and that often morph into language-like glyphs or symbols. Including an essay by New York journalist Carlo McCormick and notorious lowbrow artist Pushead, this is Frost's first monograph, and an invaluable introduction to the evolution of his style.

10.9 x 10.8 In. / (27.686 x 27.432 cm)
Hardcover, first edition
Published by Damiani
162 pages

Book is signed with additional embellishments from the artist
* Exclusive to Arkitip

* New prints

Lee Quinones

We are delighted to be able to offer Lee Quinones' Dirty Dozen / Prelude sets of giclees on canvas. Each canvas measures 12" x 12" and are sold as a set of twelve. For all enquiries please contact us at

* New prints

Lady Pink

Titled "Graffiti Lounge"
Edition of 50 Giclee prints
Museo Portfolio Rag, 350gms, 24"x 17.25"
Price: $200.00

* New prints

Werc: Tijuas

* New books

Edition Populaire - France
Present new books by

Dran / Gutter / Bom.k / Neopen

videos YouTube:

Je T'aime - par Dran

These books are just wonderful. Any character lover will want both. You can get them all over France, but write to the publisher about mail order to other places. They ship all over the world and you can pay with PayPal. editionpopulaire

* New magazine

Graffiti Art

Graffiti Art, le nouveau magazine consacré à la création hors-piste sort aujourd'hui son numéro 1 chez tous les marchands de journaux.

Avec ce nouveau magazine, notre ambition est de vous faire découvrir, tous les deux mois, des artistes dont le travail est singulier. Leur dénominateur commun est d’avoir tous choisi des sentiers “hors-piste” loin des règles établies pour s’exprimer. Graffiti Art vous dévoile leurs univers réservés jusque-là aux initiés.

Et des univers, ce premier numéro en est plein ! À commencer par celui de Mist, artiste et designer de jouets basé à Montpellier ; celui de la photographe Martha Cooper qui documente le mouvement graffiti depuis ses premières heures ; celui de l’illustrateur Pablo Pasadas qui sample les images comme les Dj’s samplent la musique ou bien encore celui de Pete Doherty, le dandy décadent du rock qui peint avec son propre sang !

Vous découvrirez aussi que le marché de l’art s’intéresse de très près au graffiti à travers les témoignages d’Arnaud Oliveux et d’Hélène Bailly, respectivement spécialiste en art contemporain de la maison de ventes aux enchères Artcurial, et directrice de la Galerie Bailly à Paris.

Enfin, comme à chaque numéro, Graffiti Art vous présente les livres, toys, goodies et bons plans du moment.

[Google Translation]

Graffiti Art, the new magazine devoted to creating off-piste fate today its No. 1 among all merchants newspapers.

With this new magazine, our ambition is to make you discover every two months, artists whose work is singular. Their common denominator is to have all chosen paths "off-piste" far from the rules established to express themselves. Graffiti Art unveils you their universe hitherto reserved to insiders.

And universe, in this first issue is full! Starting with that of Mist, artist and designer of toys based in Montpellier, the photographer Martha Cooper, who documents the graffiti movement since its first hours, one of the illustrator Pablo Pasadas who samples images as the DJs sample music or even that of Pete Doherty, decadent rock dandy who paints with his own blood!

You will also discover that the art market looks very closely at graffiti through the testimony of Arnaud Oliveux and Helene Bailly, respectively specialist in contemporary art of the auction house Artcurial, and director of the Bailly Gallery in Paris.

Finally, as in every issue, Graffiti Art presents books, toys, goodies and good plans of the moment.

Graffiti Art
5, rue de Douai - 75009 Paris

* New online zine

Illegal Only

New, free, downloadable Flash magazine devoted to great photography of illegal graffiti. The third issue is out now and it's an amazing look at Odessa city in the Ukraine. OSX and Windows versions.

* New book

Lost Collection 0001 | 1998-2008

BOOK TITLE: Lost Collection 0001 | 1998-2008
A special edition of Lost | Graffiti in the City of Angels
224 pages | Spiral bound | 10.5" x 7"
Silkscreened art board covers
Limited to 2000 numbered copies
By Eyeone | Seeking Heaven with foreword by Ian Lynam

Lost Collection 0001 | 1998-2008 is a special-edition volume that spans a decade of documenting graffiti and visual culture on and off the streets of Los Angeles. The book features unpublished material as well as a comprehensive selection of highlights from the long out-of-print first 12 issues of Lost | Graffiti in the City of Angels.

Among those featured in this collection are Tempt STN, Krenz/Yem AM7, Besk UCA, and the MAK crew, innovators and pioneers of L.A. graffiti. Also in this book is work by Ayer LTS (R.I.P), Atlas CBS, and Hael OTR/7TH LETTER, highly influential in shaping contemporary L.A. graffiti. Work by street art pioneer The Phantom, photographer Luna, and illustrator Patrick Martinez presents L.A. visual culture in a broader context.

Two on-going Lost sections are presented in this volume as well; the Lost Blackbook Project which collects rarely-seen sketches and drawings giving a unique look into the graffiti process; and Contrast Resolution, a visual exploration of the impact and effectiveness of graffiti on the streets. Eyeone provides the introduction as well as an overview of issues past, and Ian Lynam rounds out this volume with a foreword that puts Lost in the context of graffiti, typography and design.

Lost | Graffiti in the City of Angels is a highly-acclaimed publication founded in 1998 as a black and white photocopied 'zine by Eyeone of L.A.'s Seeking Heaven crew. Lost is Inspired by independent publications from the straight edge and hardcore music movements and is firmly rooted in graffiti culture.

Lost gives equal importance to all elements of graffiti, from the calligraphy of tagging to the typographical murals that occupy the city. Lost also features artists and photographers informed by the urban experience and makes it a priority to present contemporary as well as historic exponents of Los Angeles visual culture.

* New book

Graffiti Coloring Book

Here is the book where you can decide how graffiti should be colored yourself. More than sixty of the best graffiti writers in Scandinavia have done sketches with thick black contours for this classic and unusual coloring book.

The book allows you to practice your coloring skills to sketches by writers like Nug from Stockholm, Egs from Helsinki and Bates from Copenhagen. Graffiti sketches act as patterns for graffiti pieces but are also works of art in their own right. The book is an inspiring document of its time as well as a coloring book.

"After publishing several books on graffiti, it felt right to issue a coloring book on the subject," says publisher Malcolm Jacobson.

The job of collecting sketches was assigned to the Stockholm graffiti writer Uzi, of international renown.

Uzi asked the writers he deems to be the best and most current to do sketches especially for the Graffiti Coloring Book. They include both newcomers and legends. The age of contributors spans from 20 to 40.

It is hard to discern one Scandinavian style as you leaf through the book. The styles vary from Ador's fragmented letter pictures to Disey's wildstyle to Que's train style.

"Scandinavian styles fit quite well in black-and-white," says Uzi with satisfaction, having nagged for months to obtain the coveted sketches.

Writers may spend all day doing pieces, but sitting down to draw a sketch for printing is a rare occasion for most writers.

"You'd think everybody would want to participate in a book like this, but gathering the material was harder than you'd think," says Uzi.

A few contributors:
• Ador, from Stockholm, is a pioneer of the attractively ugly style that was launched in Scandinavia in the mid-90s.
• Bates, from Denmark, is one of the world's most famous graffiti writers and lies in the foreground of Scandinavian graffiti. He is a member of several graffiti crews such as COD and WCA from the United States.
• Disey is just as important to Swedish graffiti as Ingmar Bergman was to Swedish film.
• Egs is possibly the best and most important writer in Finland.
• Nug's clear graphic style has changed the way graffiti is made and has had a huge impact on Sweden and the rest of the world.
• Que is a member of the Stockholm graffiti group Writers United Football Club (WUFC). He seldom sketches, but contributes a humorous drawing of graffiti as a game of cat and mouse to the book.
• Uzi, from WUFC, has written graffiti on walls and trains around the world since the mid-80s.

USA: In summer 2008, you can get this from Last Gasp in San Francisco CA.

Title: Graffiti Coloring Book
Editor: Uzi
Format: 21.5x28 cm
Binding: Paperback
No. of pages: 64
No. of illustrations: 63
Publication date: May 20, 2008
ISBN 978-91-85639-08-3

Dokument förlag och distribution
Box 773, 120 02 Årsta, Sweden

* New book


A 100-page full-colour book presenting an overview over the graffiti pieces & tags from brussels back in the(g)old days, all pieces done around 1987 - 1992.

Pocket size book: 10x15 cm, (the size of most photo prints).

* New book


The book accompanying Mode2's last show, "Never Too Late...", at the Lazarides Gallery, is now on sale

Sixty-four colour pages of drawings and photos from 1985 to more recent times... The book is available at the gallery, or else by ordering over the phone;

No 8, Greek Street
Soho, London
tel: +44 (0)203 214 0055

Never Too Late...
Lazarides Gallery London
ISBN 978-0-9556726-3-7

* New Book

we come at night

a corporate street art attack

trailer on youtube:

* New DVD

We Ride By Train, vol 1

This is a very well done US freight video. It has an interesting, well-chosen sound track cut to match the action. Lots of great rolling pieces and wholecars, PLUS an extensive photo show.

* New book

Parallel Strokes

Typography and graffiti

* Gent Belgium: April 2008

Graffiti Workshops

walpoortstraat 3
9000 Gent

* Inverness, Scotland

Fresh Paint Graffiti Workshop

* Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Graffiti Classes - Oficina Ink - Anarkia

Ink Graffiti Shop oferece a oficina de graffiti ministrada pela professora Panmela Castro, a Anarkia, para introduzir o conhecimento e prática das técnicas do graffiti. O objetivo é explorar os limites da técnica, buscando novos recursos e produção do aluno, orientando-o a manter uma reflexão teórica e crítica sobre seu trabalho e possibilitando uma variedade de resultados plásticos. Não é necessário que o aluno tenha conhecimento ou experiência na área.

Panmela Castro é formada em pintura pela Escola de Belas Artes da UFRJ e tem como linguagem de seu trabalho o graffiti, participando e organizando inúmeros importantes projetos e eventos na área.

Também são oferecidas oficinas complementares de retrato, caricatura, desenho e pintura direcionada ao público que já produz graffiti mais deseja aprimorar estas técnicas.

* Paris, France: New Book

Art Graffiti & Post-Graffiti

And book release events. See flyer for details.

And art sale, online. Futura2000, Blade, Quik, Crash, Daze, A-One, Rammellzee and more.

* New Book

Backjumps Live Issue #3

The STREET ART book "Back Jumps - The Live Issue # 3" brings together over 500 photos and texts from the 24 street artists and projects who were part of the very successful third "Backjumps" exhibition. In addition to showcasing the fascinating works of the artists, numerous photographs of the street art of international icons, many essays and an extensive visual and written report on the first two exhibitions is also included.

Release: January, 2008
Price: 29,90 Euro / (UK: 22,90£)
Format: 160 x 235 mm
Content: 320 pages / 4 color print
Photgraphs: 500 color- & 50 b/w photographs / 50 graphics
Quality: French brochure with dustcover, special color-embossed printing, various paper, stitch binding
Language: English - German
Target group: Street art / Urban art /
Graphic design / Trendsetter
ISBN: 978-3-937946-27-6

* New DVD

We Ride By Train Vol 1

A freight film dedicated to capturing the best quality freights that come through Reno NV and live footage from dedicated freight writers. A sweet soundtrack including Who cares, Element, and Unified School District. 48 minutes plus a bonus 600-picture slideshow. One of the chapters is a seasoned hobo giving the ins and outs of riding the rails.


* New magazine

Volume One returns!

36 pages full color, interviews with Labrat, Chicago CTA action, over 100 pics! Train contest, representing the Midwest....

Available now in the Art Crimes store

* New film

Reefer Madness

Transition is also available here.

* New DVD

Black Dragon

* New books


Philadelphia native, Steve (ESPO) Powers records 5 years of paintings that distill the complete range of human emotion into readily recalled and related memes. These visual archetypes are aptly described by Powers as "a synthesis of word and image to create a new emotional revelation". 112 Pages, Hardcover: $29.95.

BLACK INK: AtaBozaci

Known as "Toast" in graffiti circles and "Atalier" in graphic design circles, Ata Bozaci is recognized as an artist, draftsman, illustrator, and graffiti artist. This Swiss-based dynamo is also known as one of the pioneers of three dimensional graffiti art. The link between these different artistic or design modes is based on the reduction of images and ideas to the essential - black ink on white surfaces. 240 Pages, Hardcover: $39.95.

ART OF REBELLION 2 The World of Urban Art Activism

Features the broadest possible variety of street art spotlighting dozens of new and unknown protagonists alongside many well- known and respected artists who have been at it for years. With tons of new work, original styles techniques and intentions. 208 Pages, Hardcover: $39.95. Get them at fine bookstores and online at YouWorkForThem

via Tools of War

* New book



La maison d’édition
GRAFF IT ! Productions présente

Ce soir dès 18H30 à la librairie BEAUBOURG – FLAMMARION signature des auteurs de l’ouvrage LightGraff  par l’artiste RÉZINE & le photographe  G.J PLISSON

Centre Pompidou
19 rue Beaubourg
Paris 4ème

de G.J Plisson et Rézine

Avec la collaboration d'Hassan Massoudy, Julien Breton, Marko93 et Deter

Ce livre est le fruit de rencontres humaines et artistiques. La photographie et les arts de l'écriture coexistaient, le LightGraff les réunit.

La définition du mot photographie est ici appliquée à la lettre: dessiner ou écrire (graphos) avec la lumière (photos). Quand le Graffiti et la calligraphie s'illuminent et se mêlent aux décors.

Nature de l’ouvrage : BEAUX LIVRES
Dimensions : 300 x 300 x 19 mm
Nb de pages intérieures : 144 pages couleurs vernis.
Couverture : Rigide avec vernis sélectif sur les deux côtés et tranche de l’ouvrage

ISBN : 2-914714-04-1
EAN : 9782914714044
Prix public: 33,90 euros

Vente en VPC et information sur les points de ventes: Diffusion France / Librairies : CRITIQUES LIVRES SAS contact :

Procurez-vous LIGHTGRAFF dès aujourd’hui dans le catalogue de Vente par correspondance ci-joint
Vous retrouverez 16 pages pour trouver tous vos cadeaux pour les fêtes de fin d’année

Book info

* New book

Banksy's Bristol

Steve Wright

A fairly exhaustive, lavishly illustrated account of Banksy's early years in Bristol, and his impact ever since. I just wondered whether you might be interested in reviewing the book?

More info:

And some reviews here: flickr Banksy Forum

* New book

Graffiti Planet

Worldwide photo book by Alain Ket.

[This book is great, with fresh pieces from around the globe that show a wide range of graffiti styles today. - Susan]

Price:  £9.99
Edition:  Hardback
ISBN:  1-84317-280-1
Specs:  129x196mm, 128pp

Available at Amazon

* New book

Fuzz One

The Last of the Old School

by Vincent Fedorchak

[Cover says "coming soon" but it's out now, December 2007: Place your orders with FUZZ.]

This one you have to buy directly from Fuzz. Info:

Fuzz: I printed it myself not with a publisher. I am in business for myself. This book is not available on Amazon or other book sellers. Only with me. If you want it, you send me payment. No webpage yet either. Why deal with a publisher when you can do it yourself?

Book is 8 1/2 by 11. Heavy and almost 400 pages. All raw text of hardcore NY history.

US Payment: No Paypal at all. Only checks allowed from U.S. customers from a U.S. bank. Domestic customers in the USA only: Only accept a check or money order. Sent with Priority mail.

For USA only customers: For one book only and extra artwork, the total to send is $40.00. All shipments get sent with Priority mail and includes new artwork I am doing. If you want more than one book, e-mail me for prices.

Out of the USA to any other country: No personal checks. Only International Money Order or send U.S. dollars in cash. No Euros or other currency for now. This gets you one book and Priority mail shipping. You can send it certified mail so you know I got it, but that is an extra expense for you. Not included in shipping.

For outside of the USA: It's $50.00 for one book to get sent to England. I have had a few customers from there already. It should be close to that for other European countries but I ask that you e-mail me first from where you are in order to determine if it will cost more. Send inquiries to Djfuzzone@Yahoo.Com

I will sign each book and in most cases will add my own graffiti artwork by doing something for you and include it with the book. No other authors do that.

More than one book: If you want more than one book, send me a note to tell me how many you want and where you are. New shipping prices will be given to you.

Not doing business with any bookstores or distributors. Write your name and address neatly so I can read it when sending your payment.

Send any payments here:

Vincent Fedorchak
PO Box 111
Port Jervis, NY. 12771

questions, info: All pricing info is as of Feb-08.

* New book

Mascots & Mugs

"Mascots & Mugs - The Characters and Cartoons of Subway Graffiti" (Testify Books) by David (Chino) Villorente and Todd (Reas) James, introduction by Jonathan Lethem.

Some of the featured artist include: Stay High 149, Cliff 159, Blade, Lee, Kel, Noc 167, Vaugh Bode', Seen UA, Skeme, Daze, Doc TC5, Tack FBA, Son 1, Doze, West, Reas, Dash 167, slick and Hex, Mode 2, Twist, Kaws... and many others.

It recently shipped and arrived in Europe and should be available in the US now.

The book can be ordered through:

Distributed through D.A.P - Distributed Art Publishers:
European distribution by Turnaround Publisher Serivces:

* New book



VOISSA A book by Herbert Baglione. Hailing from Sao Paulo, Brasil Herbert has become one of the premier fine artists in south america.

Baglione's First Hardcover "Voissa", Herbert's first collection, covers all of the genres that Baglione works in: painting, mural, graffiti, installations, and street art. His distinct black and white characters provide deeply philosophical meaning to each of his works. Baglione's first collection is surely another building block of an already burgeoning career.

* New book

"Bay Area Graffiti: Phunk in the Cuts"

Hundreds of graffiti photos by funkandjazz, plus extensive comments from prominent Bay Area graffiti writers.

The book will be published by Mark Batty Publishers.

It's scheduled for release summer of 2008.

* New DVD

DOSHERMANOS presentan:


Ya puedes ver el nuevo Video de DOSHERMANOS. Esta vez la cancion excogida es GRAFFITI LIFE. Pincha en la imagen o entra en: para verlo.

Enlaces directos:


* New book

Born in the Bronx

A Visual Record of the Early Days of Hip Hop

Edited by Johan Kugelberg

Photographs by Joe Conzo
Foreword by Afrika Bambaataa
Original Flyer Art by Buddy Esquire
Timeline by Jeff Chang

Born in the Bronx is a striking anthology of Hip Hop's baby steps. Not only does it capture the emergence of a burgeoning culture but also the fashion and character of the surrounding community. From rare photographs of MC's and DJs to records, flyers, and other ephemera, writer Johan Kugelberghas pulled together the scattered remains of a movement that never has its eye on posterity. The book includes the improvisational artwork of previously unpublished street flyers of the era, Polaroids buried for decades in basements across the Bronx, and testimonials from the most scholarly historians of Hip Hop culture - the legends and pioneers who lived it! Through Born in the Bronx,Joe Conzo(described by The New York Times as "the chronicler who took hip hop's baby pictures") presents a unique cross-section of an explosive and experimental time in music history.

- Hip Hop's first photographer, Joe Conzo provides the majority of images of legends and urban scenes from 1977-1982. Additional photos were contributed by fellow pioneering documentarians Charlie Ahearn and Henry Chalfant.

- Photos feature The Cold Crush Brothers, Treacherous 3, Afrika Bambaataa, Busy Bee, Run DMC, Wayne "The Hip Hop Ventriliquist" and Charlie, Fantastic Romantic, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Funky Four + 1, Kool DJ AJ Scratch, GrandWizzard Theodore and more.

- Flyers created by Buddy Esquirefeature Hip Hop jams from 1978-1985. Obscure flyers advertise early Hip Hop jams in Brooklyn, Queens and even Connecticut!

- Essays were contributed by legends: GrandMaster Caz, JDL, Joe Conzo, Mare 139,GrandWizzard Theodore, LA Sunshine and Jorge "Fabel" Pabon plus a poem by DJ Disco Wiz and an interview with Buddy Esquire.

- The hard cover is embossed. The dust cover unfolds to reveal a poster: "The Hip Hop Map of the Bronx" by Joe Conzo and Tony Tone.

Born in The Bronx
9 X 11 inches / 200 illustrations
HC ISBN: 978-0-7893-1540-3
$45.00 US / $57.00 Can / £25.00 UK
Rizzoli New York

* New book

Street World

Book Cover

Authors Roger Gastman, Caleb Neelon, and Anthony Smyrski highlight cultural hotspots around the world. Divided into more than 50 topics and illustrated with more than 500 photographs, this book celebrates the street as a stage for the visual creativity of a generation. Contributors include Allen Benedikt, Angela Boatwright, Boogie, Dalek, Per Englund, Shepard Fairey, Aaron Farley, Friends With You, Mike Giant, Invader, Alex Lukas, Mark the Cobra Snake, Miss Van, Dan Monick, Estevan Oriol, Kurnal Rawat, Revok, Travis Roozee, Tod Seelie, Yuri Shibuya, Garth Walker, Adam Wallacavage, WK Interact, We Are Supervision, and dozens more.

Available at Amazon.

* New prints

Mear One

* New book

CAP book

the BIGGBOSS crew from Prague has just launched their new project. After the succes of the Prague Odyssey 2666, a book of young emerging artists from Prague who call themselves the "CAP crew" follows. Check the link and find out more about the new CAP book!!!!

CAP book promo (PDF)

* New magazine


Download Abort PDF Featuring:
  • Faith 47 from South Africa
  • Esteo From France
  • Clog 2 From Singapore
  • Itch 1 From Australia
  • Mad 1 From Phoenix Az.
  • Shriiimp/Graffiti on Girls
  • Graffiti From The Eastside
  • Graffiti DVD Reviews
  • and more............

* New magazine

artyfucked – sketch & street art journal

Neubaugasse 51-3-7, 1070 Vienna, Austria

Issue 1: German, English
Vienna & Rimini

"artyfucked" documents the different artifacts of urban worlds (sketches, graffiti, cartoons) as well as making this form of art more popular and public opinion more sensitive.

"artyfucked" shows work of a variety of different sketchers and their styles as well as collected urban art work. Not in a typical way as we know it from other graffiti zines. All collected "acts of vandalism" are prepared and edited in a way so the reader will see only the artifact itself and reflect it more as a thought, opinion and artwork of it's artist. Each zine is produced in sketchbook style and comes with some excellent stickers as a bonus!

"artyfucked" is the first printed sketch and street art journal. It shows masterpieces of the biggest modern galleries from Casablanca up to Molotow. Maybe you find our artwork here as well.

* New magazine


Graffiti Magazine
Dispo en kiosque et magasins spés
4,50 euros seulement

Le Blazing N°08 s’étant calé sur de bons rails, le N°09 ne pouvait que surprendre par de nouvelles rubriques chères à l’underground. Cette nouvelle édition s’ouvre  à des sujets dédiés exclusivement aux « Block Styles » de tous bords, mais aussi aux stations graffées du réseau métropolitain parisien. La suite du « Special French Subway » se concentre sur un des acteurs principaux du crew très fermé appelé MPV (Métros Parisiens Violés) du bombeur que l’on nomme SEE.

Côté mur, une large place est faite au groupe MCZ alias Montreuil City Zoo, basé sur la périphérie Est de Paris. Nous découvrirons également la ville de Cherbourg en Normandie, ainsi qu’un dossier complet consacré au peintre CHILE, graffant lui aussi côté Est, mais de la France, à Strasbourg.

Nous profitons de ces quelques lignes  pour remercier tous les lecteurs, peintres, comme dessinateurs qui supportent les valeurs objectives de nos éditions fondées sur la structure indépendante et intègre qu’est GRAFF IT PRODUCTIONS.

Sachez que « BLAZING » est votre magazine et nous vous faisons, plus que jamais, confiance en vous permettant d’accéder et de faire vivre l’actualité du lettrage et de ses dérivés de la manière la plus riche et la plus ordonnée. Notre futur dépend de votre action présente ; alors bonne lecture à tous et à très bientôt dans de nouveaux projets.

The Blazing #08 was on good tracks. This #09 edition could only surprise you through new underground subjects, as the “Block Styles” one, or as the painted Parisian metro stations subject. We follow our “Special French Subway” report by showing productions of SEE, who belong to one of the most hardcore Parisian crew MPV. About the walls, a large focus is made on the MCZ group a.k.a Montreuil City Zoo, based in the eastern suburb of Paris. You will discover the Normand city Cherbourg, and a special file about the writer CHILE, also coming from the east, but the east of France (Strasbourg)/ We want to thank all the readers, painters, artists, drawers who support our objective values based on our independent and honest structure GRAFF IT PRODUCTIONS. Just note that BLAZING is your magazine.  We trust you, more than ever, making you participate and live the writing actuality the more powerful and organized way. Our future depends on your present action: so enjoy this magazine; wishing to see you soon in new projects. Contact:

* New magazine


Case is a limited edition/FREE/independent magazine with a focus on urban and street culture, whether that be music, art, design, fashion...or anything else.

The first issue was jammed packed full interviews, photos, art along with a slew of other goodies from artists & musicians: Z-Trip, Bushwick Bill, Blaine Fontana, Craola, Kathie Olivias, Chomeo, Sage name a few.

Not Straying far from the formula, issue two has features and interviews with: Aesop Rock, Henry Rollins, Damon Soule, Blu, Gza, & Failure...keeping some secrets in the bag.

* New magazine


Le magazine GRAFF IT ! est le magazine qui mixe les cultures urbaines. Le #17 est paru depuis le 14 janvier 2006. Sa forme s’élève désormais au rang des « magazines-objets ». Son contenu diffère également des anciennes éditions, notamment grâce à sa mise en page aérée et aux trois sections qui le compose : GRAFFITI, GRAPHIK STYLES et STREET CULTURES. Aussi, de grandes innovations ont été faites afin de vous satisfaire et sans changement de prix ! Quant au catalogue VPC, il a été enrichi et propose dès à présent, en plus d’une large sélection de magazines et de livres des quatre coins du globe, des produits professionnels créatifs tels que : feutres à alcool, feutres et peintures pour textiles, crayons, blackbooks, pinceaux, marqueurs, marqueurs craie, stylos pour calligraphie,…

BP 07
Tel/Fax bureau: 01 49 69 94 97

* New magazine

HEY guys. We make magazine "throwupsmagazine". Send your photos with T-UPs and TAGs to: With the best regards from Russia!

* New magazine

Ride The Beast

A downloadable free graffiti magazine from Italy.

* New magazine

Style Busters

STYLE BUSTERS is born from an idea of 2e80shop (store of spray and streetwear in Milan). Style Busters is a magazine that it wants to show to people the world of the graffiti and its inhabitants. It wants to be able to elevate the graffiti and to make them to become art, a lifestyle our cities from the bottom towards the high, asphalt to the sky and therefore in the intimate way piu' that can exist. Extension to the writers and common people, in that high levels the artists succeed to work rigorously using cylinders to varnish spray. It creates comparison and reflection moments. SB is produced that it comes distributed in all the national territory, several European countries and to New York. It is found in the apparel and spray storees street, but also in all those places and premises that are defined "over the lines", that they act in the underground of the city truth. In these places, through SB, we succeed to communicate with our public, composed from boys from the 11 years on (not are age limits, the love for the graffiti after to have taken to you, it does not leave you never); but lately also the girls are launch themselves overbearing to the inside of this world. Our adventure with SB is begun to October of 2005, with the n°0; that it has been widely diffused in Italy, America, Switzerland, France, Greece, etc... The coming of photographies sended from the readers after to have seen the n°0 or with the word of friends, it has been elevated. In fact we have received piu' of 3500 photographies from all the been involved countries, and count to always receive some more.

[We carry this one in the Art Crimes store.]

* New magazine

Iron Curtain

We are happy to introduce the PDF-preview of the new issue of Iron Curtain magazine!

Iron Curtain is a new periodical professionally-printed magazine issued in Russia. The magazine vividly reflects one of the most striking modern artforms, the real graffiti! It covers not only classical graffiti scene, but also graffiti on transport, trains!

The magazine contains detailed and systematic information on graffiti writers, expressed in numerous photo-reports, interviews and articles. It represents loads of writer's works from Russia and CIS, increasing the interest of readership. All information is represented in Russian and English languages.

A-4, full-color edition!
Periodicity: 1 issue / 4 months

"Iron_Curtain" - The best reflection of modern Russian graffiti!

* New magazine

Kung Fu Grip! Zine 2: Bomb Pops & Banana Seats

The third (yes third) issue of St. Paco's Kung Fu Grip! Zine is now in official wide release. Rockin' a fly Fafi sketch cover, KFG!2 pays due respect to Miss Van, Fafi and Mademoiselle Kat with a sweet feature article on the French graffiti femmes. Additional features include a 30th-year memorial to the late cartoonist Vaughn Bode, an unauthorized "Cheech Wizard" comix strip by St. Paco, and recognition of the 35th Anniversary of the Adidas Superstar sneaker. KFG!2 also continues to rep shyt luvly with urban vinyl reviews, sticker art, and graffiti spreads curated by San Fran's Miss Venus (Short Cutz Zine). Order KFG!2 directly from, or from one of these fine book sellers:

Atomic Books
1100 W. 36th St.
Baltimore MD 21211

Needles & Pens
483 14th Street (at Guerrero)
San Francisco, CA 94103

1854 W. North Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622
56 (5.5" x 8.5") pages, B&W, 30% graffiti/street art , English content

Primary coverage: All-City, All-World

* New magazine


¡GRAFFITO #1 está desde hoy en las tiendas!

70 páginas del mejor graffiti nacional e internacional. Si quieres saber más de nuestra revista mira el spot en:

IMPORTANTE: si quieres que Graffito Mag. se distribuya en tu tienda o local de cualquier tipo, o simplemente no lo encuentras y quieres tenerlo, manda tu nombre y direccion a este mail. Nuestro departamento de distribución se pondrá en contacto contigo.

70 international and spanish high quality graffiti. If you wanna know more about our magazine check:

If you live outside Spain and wanna sell our mag in your city, or wanna have some ejemplars, send your name and adress to this e-mail. our distribution departament will contact you soon.


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Serious Business

[We carry this one in the Art Crimes store.]

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Round 2 is the latest issue of an german graffit magzine that u can download now for free. It brings you trains, walls and much more from allover the world on almost 60 double-pages.

Get it now 4 free @

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From Japan

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Stone Magazine


* New magazine

Urban Roots

Russia. [This magazine rocks!! Check it out - Susan]

Urban Roots is a collection of the most interesting and quality graffiti works of the post-Soviet extent. It covers the whole graffiti scene, showcasing the best of the best in everything from tags to productions. We don’t claim ourselves to be unique or to be premiere. We just collect and announce the best of what have been created and pruduced on our graffiti scene. Urban Roots shows present-day graffiti as it is, covering dozens of towns of the ex-USSR. We emphasise fresh ideas and methods, publishing both street walls and commercial works, canvases and computer grafics, sketches and designers solutions.

The third issue of the cataloge is called “Made in USSR” and comprises works of the writers from 20 ex-USSR cities (Russia, Belarus, Ukrain, Latvia), plas special guest from Croatia – Lunar (YCP). Catalogue’s format: 80 pages.

ArtError (Ekaterinburg), Adult Graffiti System (Murmansk), Aber (Barnaul), Bananas (Saint-Petersburg), Kein WarumS & Ex-team (Brest - Minsk, Belarus), SP & KNR (Moscow-Zelenograd), Andres (“Aeropop”, Kazan), Swamp (“B12”, Moscow), Ches (Moscow), DNAike (“DS”, Saint-Petersburg), DS Cru (Saint-Petersburg), Stan (“4R”, N.Novgorod ), Flo (Moscow), G-fest (Magnitogorsk), United Styles (Moscow), Poul (Riga, Latvia), Meeting of Styles’06 (Saint-Petersburg), Blast Wave (Melekino, Ukrain), 5nak (Barnaul), We paint the world (Vinkovci, Croatia), äÓÙÂÏÓÎ͇ (Cheboksary), Europa + , N. Novgorod (graffiti jam), Lunar (“YCP”, Zagreb, Croatia), Krasnoyarsk), Mixed walls.

* New magazine

Vandal Art

* New magazine


Wordplay issue 5

We have been collecting photos all through 2007, we are now finally ready to produce another issue of the UK’s only Graffiti book purely dedicated to the nations artwork! We have got exclusive work and interview from Kak (Sinstars, Team Wordplay). We caught up with Morn TPG for some exclusive photography from him and his crew in 2007!! Acrew special this time focuses on DWS with Boms and Germ damaging Tubes and countless commuters. We have never seen flicks from Tors MHS, SWS, FKF, ATS ! Anew edition for 'Readers Wives' see's writers painting a different kind of canvas. Cover artwork by Rome ‘IWE’ and all the recent action from the UK’s finest including: Yesb, Sickboy, Lovepusher, 54, Skore, Sick, Ceres, Diner, Oker, Akme and many more!

* New magazine


c/o Dedicated-Store
Maastrichter Str. 49
50672 Cologne

56(A4)pages, 100% graffiti, 100% color, content in German, particular articles can be read in english on its website

Primary coverage: the Rhein-Ruhr area(a large urban area in the west of Germany) Issue: 4

Graffiti-magazine is a magazine on graffiti. Simple. More elaborate is its clear layout, the selection of photos, the interviews and the essays on various topics all concerning writing and its background. At a glance you can see that Graffiti-Magazine is a magazine with a good balance of the written and the sprayed word. The editors consider their magazine as an open forum for all interested people to participate.

* new DVD

Art in Consequence: Advanced Vandalizm

With its rebirth in contemporary pop culture as an appreciated, embraced and oft-utilized art form with a seemingly ever-growing body of practitioners and adherents, how can graffiti escape the known trappings of widespread acceptance, avoid becoming awash with clichéd forms? How can it dodge stagnation as it has authority for so long? By providing a window into an avant-garde constantly pushing the boundaries of graffiti in an effort to maintain its relevance and vitality as a force of aesthetic and cultural provocation, stimulation and dissidence, Art in Consequence offers some answers to those very questions and hints at what the future of graffiti may bring. The book and DVD take the reader on a trip to selected scenes where beauty and absurdity meet, documenting actions where some of those very answers are manifested in the form of shapes and colors, signs and wonders, all forged out of necessity by their creators.

80 Pages, Paperback, 8 1/4" X 8 1/4",
ISBN: 3-939566-04-7
ISBN-13: 978-3-939566-04-5
$ 35.00 current order form at Gingko

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UK goodness

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* Call for participation

Worldwide Blackbook Project

Right now, blackbooks are circulating the world to give the graffiti community, from toys to kings, a chance at worldwide collaboration in classic, old school style...

* Online: free funk

Cat22 Mixes Funk

* New book

Saber - Mad Society

Review on Streetbombing
Get it from Saber's site or YouWorkForThem

[An instant classic. Don't miss out!]

* New book


Came a Yeux

Alëxone - Came à yeux.

ISBN : 978 2 85980 008 5
Titre : Alëxone - Came à yeux
Editeur : Kitchen 93
Prix : 26.00 euros

* New mixtapes


19 mixtapes (so far) now available in MP3.

From the makers of The Dark Side
mix tapes

* New books

Writing the Memory of the City (Berlin)

Playground Sweden (street art)

Dokument Förlag & Distribution
Box 773
S - 120 02 Årsta, Sweden (Swedish)
Phone: +46 (0) 8 13 33 32

[email them for info]

* New online zine

Artzmania Special Edition- Graffiti issues

Art Crimes - featuring real life street art called Graffiti. The world of graffiti has evolved throughout the years and its presence now as a contemporary art of expression has been slowly accepted, undeniably in certain places, the Graffiti culture are frowned upon, especially with its social standing. Featuring big artists:

  • 12delta
  • Aerograffix
  • AfterKoma
  • ANTZ
  • Aram
  • Beretta
  • Cesar
  • Crispin Chaluisan
  • Deformindustry
  • Erni
  • Etnik Production
  • Joangel
  • Jordae
  • Mad One
  • Mafeel
  • Martin Heuworld
  • Mellowtwellaz
  • Phelgo
  • Senkone
  • MC Yan
  • The Killer Gerbil
  • Upnix
  • Viagrafik
  • Drestwo
  • Elmac
  • Peeta
  • Ymicrew
  • Xeme

* New online zine


The new Catfight is totally filled with females representing their skills in hiphop, art and graffiti.

Some highlights: - Event report of the ConceGraff Fem07
- Interviews with: Fefe Talevera, Jee-Nice from
- New Media: Bombshell - Sticker City - Anattitude #2
- Expo's by: Swoon - Ephameron - Koralie

download Catfight #07 (pdf):

* New book


Stockholm graffiti writers in new book of portraits

In 1207, the graffiti writers of Stockholm are portrayed for the first time. In a journey from suburb to inner city, they display their own personal Stockholm. They are heroes in their own world.

Stockholm has been decorated by graffiti writers for more than twenty years. Now, for the first time, the people behind graffiti allow themselves to be portrayed. 1207 presents more than 50 of Stockholm’s most active and legendary graffiti writers. Photographer Torkel Sjöstrand has followed them and photographed them on their walks through the city for three years. From Spånga to Norsborg, Södertälje to Ekerö, suburb to inner city. In tunnels and on railroad tracks, or overlooking a magnificent vista of the city. Graffiti writers are fascinated by the places many people don’t notice. 1207 is a document of a small group of people who risk their own well-being for an art form that is constantly pilloried by politicians and the authorities. We are offered a different depiction of Stockholm, and a unique document of its graffiti writers. Moreover, all the writers have written their tag in the book. 1207 is the police code for destruction of property through graffiti.

Torkel Sjöstrand is a photographer and editor for Underground Productions magazine. He has previously contributed to such books as Overground, Writers United and Gates of Graffiti.

Essay by Jacob Kimvall, art theoretician and an authority on graffiti. Foreword by Irok, Stockholm graffiti writer.

Title: 1207
Photographer: Torkel Sjöstrand
Writers: Irok, Jacob Kimvall, Torkel Sjöstrand
Text in Swedish and English
Publication date: June 20, 2007
No. of pages: 128
No. of illustrations: Approx 100
Binding: Hardcover
Format: 20 x 25 cm
ISBN: 978-91-85639-00-7

RRP: 229 SEK, 29,9 €, 15,99 GBP

1207 is published by Dokument Förlag, who have also published the titles The beautiful Struggle, Urban Recreation, Gates of Graffiti and Outernational.

For more information or review copies of 1207, contact:

Per englund
Dokument Förlag & Distribution
Box 773
12002 Årsta
Tel:+46 (0) 8-133332
Fax: 08-133334

Underground Productions
Dokument Förlag & distribution ek för
Box 773, 12002 Årsta, Sweden

* New book

Wasted Talent

Poch & Rock Teenage Kicks

This series of photo books includes the wonderful Nasty and Slice book we carry in our store and the recent Poch & Rock book. There are 5 books so far in the series. See the link above for details (French).

* New book

Uncommissioned Art

An A-Z of Australian Graffiti by Christine Dew

On the streets of Australian cities there are conversations occurring in paint in public spaces. Graffiti, stencil and street art are immediate and ephemeral. Yet the same media is gaining worldwide currency, with many art galleries collecting and showing these works.

This illustrated A-Z combines beautiful colour images from Australia's thriving graffiti and street art culture, interviews with some of Australia's most important graffiti and street artists, analysis of the history and evolution of the scene and discussion of urban planning, community and freedom of speech raised by graffiti's presence in public space.

Uncommissioned Art: An A-Z of Australian Graffiti offers new ways to look at street art. It will contribute to local, national and international conversations about art and design, popular culture and urban planning.

Chris Dew is a Senior Lecturer in Gender Studies and an Australian Research Council Associate in the History Program at La Trobe University in Melbourne. She is also a photographer interested in landscape, memory and place. Her photographs have been exhibited in Melbourne's Counihan Gallery and in many print publications. She is also a consultant to local government and community organisations on graffiti-related matters.

[This book is an excellent survey of Australian graffiti art that includes most of the right people and good examples of their work. It's a huge, well-produced volume, sure to be a collector's item. - Susan]

Melbourne University Publishing


* New book

Mark Batty Publisher Presents

Los Angeles Graffiti

Compiled by Roger Gastman, author of Freight Train Graffiti and co-founder (with Shepard Fairey) of Swindle magazine, this colorful book benefits from Gastman’s long-term, intimate involvement with L.A. graffiti writers. Recruiting friends, and graffiti legends, like SABER and RETNA, Los Angeles Graffiti documents the history of the unique, world-class graffiti scene that thrives in Los Angeles. In particular, the interview with L.A. graffiti luminary POWER breathes history into these photographs of work created by the famous, infamous, and anonymous.

[This book has some great pieces in it from some of the heavy hitters in the LA scene. - Susan]
sample pages

Los Angeles Graffiti
Compiled by Roger Gastman
Interview with POWER
Color throughout
8 1⁄4 x 10 inches
128 pages
Art, Design
ISBN-13: 978-0-9790486-1-6
July 2007

For more information, contact

* New children's book

It Ate Billy on Christmas

by Roman Dirge and Steven Daily

It would have been a Christmas like any other for little Lumie and her horrible, terrible, obnoxious, awful bully of a brother Billy. But then a funny little monster appeared and ate Billy right up! Lumie knows it's not really a good thing to let a monster eat your brother, but she can't help but notice that things are, in fact, much nicer now that he's gone. Now that things are looking up a little in her world, Lumie has to decide what to do with her new little monster friend, and - most importantly - what she's going to feed him.

• Reading level: Ages 9-12
• Hardcover: 48 pages
• Publisher: Dark Horse (November 15, 2007)
• Language: English
• ISBN-10: 1593078536
• ISBN-13: 978-1593078539

Available at

* New book


Photos from Icepick on Flickr

ICEPICK is a book based on icelandic Street Art. it portrays juicy graphic collages and illustrations made by the graphic designer Thordis Claessen. The book Icepick has been five years in the making, and is published by Gingkopress. Icepick was recently introduced with a show in Urbis Gallery in Manchester, UK (ongoing may - aug 07)

Because of its location between mainland Europe and America, Iceland has indeed a mixed culture. Therefore its street art has a unique flavour, where street artists invent new and interesting forms of borderline art.

ICEPICK is a roughly 220 page graphic creation, showing Icelandic graffiti and street art in various forms. Full colur pieces, stickers, stencils and political statements, all as if put in a blender and out comes a bursting mixture. Iceland has mostly highlighted for its music scene in the past. Here is something else to be explored from this weird and tiny island - where street artists are apparently quite creative. The street art featured in ICEPICK covers a wide range of themes and subject matter from traditional Icelandic icons to sheep, Vikings, fantastic gothic creations dreamt up during long Icelandic nights and colorful graffiti pieces that evoke the New York street art scene.

Keep in mind that the cold can bite fingers and nose quite hard when making big pieces in Iceland, but that does´n´t seem to be a problem to the street art vikings.

Most artists featured in Icepick are of course Icelandic, plus work from three guest artists including "Mike The Flower Guy" (USA) and Akaysim + Adams (SWE). So sink your teeth in this juicy book and look out for the Icelandic ICEPICK, available in bookstores worldwide.
Buy it from
or Amazon

220 pages, HC, 10” x 9 1/2”, 1500 color illustr.,
ISBN: 1-58423-224-2
ISBN-13: 978-1-58423-224-7

* New book


by Matt Kolbeck

Contact Matt for more info.

* New book

The Birth of Graffiti

Jon Naar, Sacha Jenkins

Book Cover

[Naar's photos were also featured in the book Faith of Graffiti (US) / Watching My Name Go By (Europe)]

Now the forty or so photographs in that book and more than one hundred additional never-before-published pictures from that landmark body of work are brought together in a book destined to become a classic in its own right. Presented full-frame, at high resolution, and with meticulous attention to the original color, this book brings to life the gritty, exciting New York of the early 1970s and the raw visual power of early graffiti.

* New book


Book and DVD

Book Cover

Japanese graffiti

* Call for participation

Madimages magazine (USA)

We are looking for graffiti pics for the newest issue of Madimages magazine. All pics submitted will be considered and most likely published!

Submit your pics and include what you write and some brief info about yourself or crew at:

* Midwest USA: Call for participation, deadline: ?, 2007

New Book: "No Coast"

I'm putting together a book of Midwest writers called "No Coast". If you are from one of these states I would love to get a collection of photos from you:

  • Arkansas
  • Colorado
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Santa Fe
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming

I'm Looking for Productions and Burners from each of these states (Quality work!!)


Photos need to be at least 300 dpi and I need them in JPG, or TIF
If you think you have what it takes email your flics to:

Quispone ATT.. DF..TAC..TPA

* New film

Road to Colossus

* Call for participation

Trust Your Struggle

* Paint online

* New York: Classes

NYC Arts Cypher

* New DVDs


This DVD contains live footage of graffiti writers from all over the world painting legal art work and illegal tagging on the street. This edition includes the best scenes from GTV 1, 2 and 3. Here you'll find the best in bombing, piercing, and breaking. GTV will put some fire into your DVD player and fulfill your graffiti drenched brain with the sickest scenes and fat ass beats!

SKU#: MVDV4582
UPC: 022891458296
SRP: $14.95
RUN TIME: 64mins

* New book


Mike Giant

Only 100 copies printed

* Scotland May 2007

The Graffiti Project

grafprojscotbraz01x.jpg grafprojscotbraz02x.jpg

Brazilian graffiti superstars paint a castle!

Os Gemeos, Nina Pandolfo and Nunca

* New film


cornbread_20flyer_20#251A58.jpg cornbread_20flyer_20_back_x.jpg

Keep an eye out for showtimes in the future.

* New book

Roman Dirge and Steven Daily set sail with Peter the Pirate Squid


We all find inspiration in the strangest places. Artists are inspired by stains on the ceiling, writers by misheard conversations. And now, from Roman Dirge, creator of Lenore (and we're a little afraid to guess what that was inspired by) comes a salty tale of a seaborne squid who draws his life mission from... pirates.

Peter the Pirate Squid pairs Dirge's writing talents with the keen artistic abilities of Steven Daily, telling the tale of an eight-legged cephalopod who wants nothing more than to rule his seventh of a sea with an iron hand - er, tentacle. And so, with a faithful crew of oysters, seahorses, crabs and other eyepatch-minded denizens of the deep, Peter sets forth in search of booty, baubles and grog-toting adventure!

The same size as a Little Golden Book, Peter the Pirate Squid is sure to be a hit with existing Lenore fans, younger readers, and kids of all ages.

Dirge says that after a decade of publishing the multimedia hit Lenore with SLG, the step to children's books (albeit children's books with unique sensibilities) comes naturally.

"Ya know, I like pirates and I like squids. It just seemed like it needed to happen," said Dirge. Steven is such an incredible artist and I'm proud to shove his work into more eye balls."

"Creating this world has been so challenging and fun. I have always wanted to work on a pirate story. When Roman had the idea of taking this Peter character, and make a book out of him, ideas just started to 'flow like Neptune's beard,'" Daily said. "Roman is a brilliant working with him is amazing."

Peter and his fellow subaquatic swashbucklers will live by the sword in July 2007. Peter the Pirate Squid will be a 32-page, 7.5" x 7.5" black-and-white storybook and will retail for $4.95. It is available now at comic book stores through Diamond Comics and is available on SLG's website, SLG - Peter the Pirate Squid, and

* New DVD

Sprayed Conflict

A documentary about Duel, from Australia

It's available from the Director/Producer, Robert Moller or from Australian Film Commission AFC

* Call for participation: ongoing

Midnight Metal Works - new custom mirrors

The Signature Series line of mirrors will feature collaborations with a variety of artists.

We request submissions from artists interested in working with their skills in metal.

If you know how to design a stencil we want you to submit for review for fabrication.

We take the signatures and designs of the artist, make a prototype in CNC Plasma cut steel, and weld it onto a frame. Every time one of your mirrors sells you get paid a designer's fee. Midnight Metal Works is currently putting together a catalog of designs to market. Check out our website for more information about the company:


  • We make mirrors of two sizes. One is 2ft sq and the other is 2ft x 4ft.
  • The space to fill with a design runs 7 inches across the top of the mirror.
  • The dimensions of the illustrator page you have to draw in is either 7 inches by two feet or 7 inches by four feet.
  • The design must be a stencil.
  • When cut out from a single sheet the design must stay intact.

Please send an illustrator file of no more than 1MB in size.

Designs will not be used without consent.

In order to submit please send one design and a one page resume to
Please put in subject line of email RE: Signature Series

* Online exhibition

Vulcan at Google

* New book

27 Addicts

The book 27 ADDICTS of Boris Schmelter alias Dyset is now free online

It is documenting the project ADDICTED TO GESTALTUNG, an experiment which is aiming for the point of intersection between graffiti and graphic design, as well as graffiti writing and computer-based design.

In Cooperation with 27 international Graffiti artists, who are engaged as well with graphic design, 27 innovative works and the 278-pages book emerged. Together with e.g. Toast, Zedz, SATone, ECB, Esher, Viagrafik, Neck, DFM-Crew, Mˆe, Pornostars, Aple76, Liquid, Dick15 and many more!

Buy the limited edition and see the free version at:

* New books

Satone, San, Btoy

See more SatOne

* New book

"Roma Writing"

a photo-book on writing in Rome - interviews with BOL23, KEMH, GOJO, TTS, TK2

* New zine


64 Pages
23,5 x 21 cm
10.000 copies

  • SatOne
  • Caktus
  • Maria
  • Dems
  • Rosh (333 Crew)

* New zine

Iranian Independant Seasonal Art magazine


The 6th issue covers the sticker bomb.


Announced by

* New DVD

CantStopFanatics - Volume 2

[See the trailer, with running wholecars, on their site.]

CantStopFanatics Volume 2, more international, more actions, more running steel. Global players like Break (MSA Crew Melbourne), Besd (ACAB Crew Dresden), Erps and Serm (MOS Crew Bucarest), Rocco (PRC/PBS), Chill (MRN), the MTA and GRS Crews from Saxony with live actions in Chemnitz (Germany) and Vienna (Austria), ONS Crew from Warsaw in Paris and Bilbao, the UFS Crew Moscow, HTS,MNZ and IBG Crews in Stuttgart, Berlin Live Actions with MC, RCLS and the MUTANTS from Bratislava (Slovakia), Running Steel from Leipzig City (Germany) and Copenhagen show you first class trains by SSH, MOA, TKO and the MHDs and many more! Check the official release trailer. The DVD Release of the 60minutes trains only DVD "CantStopFanatics 2" is scheduled for March 2007. Watch out!

  • DVD Name: CantStopFanatics 2 - International Targets
  • Length: 60 Min
  • Format: 16:9/PAL
  • Live Actions in: Paris, Moscow, Chemnitz, Leipzig, Berlin, Copenhagen, Bucharest, Bilbao, Stuttgart, Melbourne, Nuremberg, Munich
  • Running Steel: Leipzig, Moscow, Copenhagen, Chemnitz, Melbourne, Bucharest, Warsaw, Berlin, Dresden
  • Release: Spring 2007 (scheduled March 2007)

* New magazine


This mag presents the whole Chilean graffiti scene.
100% color, 40 pages, 19 x 25 cm. Spanish.

* New York: March 2007

Chocolate Bar: Graffiti Bars

NEW YORK CITY- Great chocolate, pure street. Alison Nelson's Chocolate Bar turns back the clock, goes back in the day and throws down a stylin' new line of choc-o-graphic Graffiti Bars to debut this March, 2007.

Ten legendary New York City graffiti artists including Blade, Crash, Crachee, Crime 79, Dondi, Dr. Revolt, Iz the Wiz, Lady Pink, Spar One and Voice of the Ghetto (Stay High 149) have created one-of a kind works transforming wrappers for an array of new candy bar of which a portion of the proceeds will benefit the All-Stars Project.

Produced and manufactured by Alison Nelson's Chocolate Bar, each Graffiti Bar weighs an impressive 2.25 ounces and is filled with classic treats enrobed in the finest gourmet chocolate. New bar flavors include Milk Almond, Milk Cafetto, Caramel, Cookies-n-Cream, Smores, Dark Strawberry, Dark Toffee Crunch, Banana Milk, Dark Rum and Dark Chocolate.

Individual bars can be purchased for $4.00 each or a Limited Edition "gallery box" includes the full 10 bars and an authentic graffiti stencil created by Brooklyn-based artist Stencil1 used for customizing wallets, walls, t-shirts or whatever. Price $40.

To inquire about pre-orders please contact 800.481.2462 or email

Alison Nelson's Chocolate Bar Shop

* Call for participation

Temple of Hiphop

"ATTENTION ARTISTS: We are actively acquiring articles and pieces for our archive. We are looking for murals that portray the history of Hip Hop and how it came to be. We are also looking for portraits of famous Hiphoppas. There will be a one hundred dollar commission for each piece selected by the Temple of Hiphop."

contact page for ToH artwork

* New magazine

Flashback2 - Russia

Lots of commuter trains, subway actions, whole car backjumps, street bombing... 65 minutes of hardcore! International trade wanted.


* New dvds

Aerosol Planet

Hot stuff from the UK

Volume 1: HoFs, London Strees, Chrome and black, Nottinghill Carnival 2005, Rize and Mess, Seen, Brave and React, Jamemin2, Booze and Crews, Brighton Jam, Zeus, Insa, Dane, Solo, Inky Mole, Zedz, Jayone, British Graffiti Natural Selection, and much more. 1h 20m PAL.

A great mix of indoor and outdoor graffiti art, legal and illegal. High quality pieces all the way to the end. Plenty here for both the lettering fiend and the character lover. Halls of Fame galore. Don't we all wish our cities had these!

Superstars and unknowns, no talking, no antics, just drive-by shooting for the most part. Some interesting live painting sequences.

The Zeds and Seen gallery shows are great to see. So very few videos capture gallery exhibitions, but it's wonderful to see them without the crowd standing in front of you. Let's all do more of this, please. The Outside Institute sure looks like a great place to be.

You want this DVD, it'll leave you wanting more, then you'll want to do it yourself. It's a great value also. You'll pay only about a penny per word.

Volume 2: NYC special with great interviews with Cope2, T.Kid, NYC Lase, Chico, Henry C.

Volume 3:  Graphotism and Sleeping giants Jam, WFG UK/Aerosolics, Conner Harrington show, Astek; Jim Prigoff, Jon156, Amour, Psyckoze interviews, Kosmopolite 05/06, extensive Paris features, and much much more. 2 hours PAL.

More info:

* New products

From Russia

"Iron Curtain", is going to be a regular magazine about legal graffiti in Russia, the first number is only about underground!!! We would like to spread our magazine not only in Russia but all over the Europe and America too.

If you are interested in our offer, please connect us by e-mail. You can get more information about the magazine at

  • Graffiti video "Prokaza" 2006. ( )
  • Graffiti video "Graffers Hands Not For Love" 2006.
  • Graffiti video "Flash Back" & "Flash Back2" 2006.
  • Graffiti video "Russian Roulette" 2006.


* New book

Gates Of Graffiti

Graffiti has moved from the trains to the streets. Doors are the new canvases. Gates Of Graffiti show doors from New York, Berlin, Copenhagen and Stockholm.

Doors make a good frame for the faster forms of graffiti and street art such as tags, stencils and posters. In a doorway one can sneak in and execute its art without being noticed. Gates Of Grafftit is the first book to focus on tags, their design and how writers communicate with them. It is an unique chance to understand what tags are about and how beautiful they can be. It explores graffiti on doors in New York, Berlin, Copenhagen, Stockholm and other cities.

The texts are written by graffiti writers Smith (NYC), Punk (Gothenburg), Clint 176 (Berlin) och Don Juan (Copenhagen) who open-hearted tells the fascinating stories behind the names that adorn the doors of major cities. Photo by Björn Almqvist, Tobias Barenthin Lindblad, Malcolm Jacobson and Torkel Sjöstrand whos earlier work includes Overground, Writers United and Dom kallar oss klottrare and graffiti magazine Underground Productions. Gates Of Graffiti is published by Dokument Förlag.

Gates Of Graffiti
Editors: Torkel Sjöstrand and Malcolm Jacobson
128 pages
17 x 23 cm hardcover
English and Swedish text
ISBN: 978-91-973981-9-0
Release date: January 26th, 2007
Retail price:
€ 19,9
$ 26,5
£ 13,5

Purchase Gates of Graffiti straight from (in Sweden)

Or contact Dokument Förlag

And in the US: Gates Of Graffiti will be distributed in the US by Last Gasp of San Francisco and From Here To Fame in New York

* New book

Henry Chalfant: Burners

4000 printed. 32 euros, soft cover, 60 pages. Now available from France and Germany, later in the USA.

* New books


FROM FRANCE available at

You can buy Dran's books here

Dran books:
  • Fabriqué en France
  • La Television
  • Ma Ville

* New books

Books from Colorszoo

First USA distributor:
Alma Villegas

Contact if you are interested in distributing books too.

Aptdo Correos 370
Phone: +34 638 123 068

* New prints

New Skool Tattoo -> NS Kolectiv

New full-coverage tattoo Tokyo show photos and prints by some of your favorite California graffiti artists.

* New online zine


Free High-Quality PDF Download.
Ready to print on sticker paper.

80 International Artists.
Over 250 B&W Stickers.

* Tehran, Iran: Online sticker exhibit

"Bomb In The Cultural Sidewalk"

We should shock our Society. WE should wake people up. Art is going out from the society of Iranian people because governments are using art for specific reasons,so we should inject the new blood.

Iranian underground Artists Media - Underground is launching a new shocking event In Tehran.

Read More- in : artists.html

Any cooperation, help and support, any ideas and submissions to

* New book

Burning New York


A sequel to the best-selling BROKEN WINDOWS: GRAFFITI NYC, BURNING NEW YORK: GRAFFITI NYC is sure to please an eager audience clamoring for more. New York is the undisputed graffiti capital of the world, the epicenter of a vibrant international scene that attracts artists from all over the globe. Some make the pilgrimage to study old school forms, others to make their own individual contribution to the evolution of the craft. All leave their mark. Burning New York features the latest and most exciting graffiti art being created today. In the same vein as Broken Windows it is a collection of interviews, intimate portraits of the artists working in the streets and hundreds of stunning large scale paintings. Burning New York features contemporary works by genre defying graffiti writers, an interesting combination of those who are just beginning to achieve prominence and others who have been honing their skills for decades. "From the ashes of the 60s to the dust of Ground Zero, New York graffiti has magnetized and polarized, rocked and shocked. When the hot-eyed and restless ride the city's edge to turn dead walls into worlds of color, motion, and passion, Jim and Karla Murray capture their visions and voices with a fire to match. Don't blink." Jeff Chang, author of Can't Stop Won't Stop: A History of the Hip-Hop Generation

BURNING NEW YORK by James And Karla Murray
HARDCOVER 208 Pages November 2006
ISBN: 1-58423-173-4


Special edition cover: Eaz

Gingko Press ISBN: 1-58423-173-4 $39.95 and Amazon

* New book

Icelandic graffiti: "Icepick"

* Call for particpation

Atlanta Hiphop Filmfest

Now Accepting Film/Music Video Submissions

Aug. 24-26, 2007

* New online magazine


Italian and English

* New classes

Street Styles class in San Francisco

They like it when writers visit the class. Contact for more info.

* New book

There's an Octopus Under My Bed



This first children's book by Scribe and Dean Blase is delightful. Scribe is Kansas City's favorite character artist and he's the artist in residence at Children's Mercy Hospital there.

The story follows the adventures of a little green bunny named Elijah as he learns life lessons about adaptation and bravery from his new friend, Manos, the octopus. The first page of the book pays tribute to Scribe's graffiti roots by making a game out of different graffiti artists' lettering. Will you be able to figure out how these distorted images spell "octopus"? Throughout the book you'll find hidden images from other artists.

* Online movie

Red Bull Artbeat

This website features an interactive 360º degrees panorama time-lapse movie. It shows 4 days of constructing objects for the Artbeat project november 2006 in Amsterdam. Artists are: Akim One Machine, Point, Mind, Super A, Zedz, Boris Hoppek, Cream, Nug, Keramik, Heiko Zahlmann, Viagrafik.

* Call for participation


* New art for sale online



Contact about the Joker work

* New book

Graffiti Women

Book Cover Graffiti Women

* New book

Montana Writer Team

Book Cover Montana Writer Team

* Berlin Germany: New gallery


video clip of the space - Quicktime, German

Graffiti artists welcome!!

Galeristin Prema (26), for which "PremArts" is named, comes from Berlin and studies Visual and Performing Music at Brighton University. For Prema The gallery presents the possibility of cooperating with artists worldwide to plan exhibitions.

Galeristin Prema (26), nach der "PremArts" benannt ist, kommt aus Berlin und studiert Visual and Performing Arts-Music an der Brighton University. Die Galerie ist für Prema die Möglichkeit, mit Künstlern aus der ganzen Welt zu kooperieren und gemeinsam Ausstellungen zu planen.

phone + 44 7952643091.

PremArts is an Art-Workshop and Gallery, located in the central south district of Berlin-Mitte, called Berlin Kreuzberg . Xberg is one of the best-known localities (Ortsteile) of Berlin, famous for its nightlife and its political leftness, thrives on its diverse cultures and is an attractive area for younger, alternative crowds, cosmoplitan students, young professionals and a very high amount of immigrants.

A few minutes by walk you get to the East Side Gallery, an international memorial for freedom. It is a 1.3km long section of the Berlin Wall. The gallery consists of approximately 106 paintings by artists from all over the world, painted on the east side of the Berlin Wall. It is possibly the largest and everlasting open air gallery in the world.

The Kreuzberg flair of an art and culture scenery, growing there steadily since the beginning of the nineties, is interacting with an increasingly big music business, like MTV, Universal, POPKOMM Musicfair, and the third generation of young people with migrant background from all over specially from turkey and south Europe countries. Its surrounded by international culture of subcultural underground pubs and many but only small shopping facilities. Street scenery as well as shops, enterprises and population of the quarter are changing constantly. The PremArts Gallery and Art-Workshop intentionally puts itself into this cultural focus to make use of it and to interfere.

PremArts as an Art-Workshop and Gallery offers to artists and other interested people a forum for encounters and exchange in which contemporary new artistic contents and modes of expression are elaborated publicly. The Art-Workshop is neither a typical commercial gallery nor a private studio. Rather, we understand it as self-propagating aesthetic "work in progress" that intends to make perceivable the artistic process, that factually occurs in life, thus searching for the 1:1 congruence between life and art. We understand this work as a form of life art, as a search for real time and reality with the means of art. We invite all artists and other people to participate in this work. Individuals as well as groups can embark in the Art-Workshop on the search of the interface between art and life, without or with us. The room is available to artists, for example, for jointly entering an experimental process, for visual and performing arts, action, concerts, films, theater, exhibitions, seminars, and other topics from allover the world.

Presently the "PremArts-Gallery and Arts-Workshop" is organized and structured by Suprema (Prema) and sometimes for digital sounds assisted by Namistyle, (Nami ) both students for Visual and Performing Arts at the Brighton University, who individually and as a duo contribute to the PremArts Gallery" with their own artistic work. The " Art-Workshop" as well as the Gallery are not fixed locally only; rather they form a forum that, due to the effort of the above mentioned operating artists and other participants, grows also at many other locations, for example by communicating personally and through the homepage and webblog.

* New book

Graffiti NYC

Book Cover Graffiti NYC

* New dvd


Book CoverInfamy dvd

* New calendar

German graffiti Christmas calendar 2007

(It's not for sale, it's for enjoying online)

* New LP

Ghost: Ecoute Pero No Tokes

Argentina's Ghost has a new album


* New book

Steve Powers

Iconoclast would like to announce that we have a new Steve Powers edition available.

For more information, please go to:

Steve Powers was born and raised in Philadelphia, then moved to New York in 1994. After stints as publisher of On The Go magazine, author of the book The Art of Getting Over (1999), and full-time graffiti writer as "ESPO", Powers began his studio practice in 1998. He has since shown his work at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, Deitch Projects, New York, the 2001 Venice Biennale, Alleged Annex, Los Angeles, the 2002 Liverpool Biennial, and The City Arts Centre in Dublin. In 2002, Powers was commissioned to create artwork for the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Teen Health Center. His body of work reflects a fascination with graffiti, sign painting, urban marketing and con games of all shapes and sizes. In 2004, Powers and Creative Time organized The Dreamland Artist Club, a project that revitalized a New York landmark by painting signs and rides in Coney Island.

Iconoclast is a project-based studio working in collaboration with artists and institutions to produce a wide variety of multi-media endeavors. Iconoclast specializes in the development of art-based projects that relate to both the avant-garde and popular culture. Iconoclast produces exhibitions, publications, and other artist's editions. Since 2002, Iconoclast has produced a multitude of exhibitions, books, editions and other projects including the widely acclaimed touring museum exhibition, Beautiful Losers.

* New dvd

BetterDays 2

A 2006 film documenting street graffiti in Portland Or. Cleveland Oh. and Oakland Ca. A benching section of top quality rolling jawns. Features live trains by Cern Twig Haiku Timber Paser Crow Gamble Esioe Beer Etch and more. Also features an interview with federal. Aprox. 50 min. Soundtrack by 3rd Person Reflection.

* New documentary

Drawing the Line

Irish graffiti!

* USA: Call for participation

Photos requested

Cyclone Arts is looking for any graffiti art in New York or New Jersey. Any graffiti with high quality graphics in the area is what we ask of, for use in a graffiti section in a book coming out this fall. The concept of it would be to spotlight the graffiti in New York and New Jersey.

Each issue of the book, ‘Boogie Down!’, would spotlight a different region of the U.S. What I need is JPG images of graffiti. An email with the images would be okay, along with your name and or contact information.

Send all submissions to

* Call for participation

Make BIG Prints of your work and sell them

We are a company called ArtCan in the UK. We aim to specialise in high quality contemporary "wall art". We have a gallery section of our site

We would like to showcase up-and-coming artists' work and one area we are really interested in is Street Art.

This would provide an opportunity for the artist to generate revenue from their works. The idea being that we charge trade price for our print service & materials and the artist sets the retail price. 

Anyway, we'd love to hear from you so let us know you would like more information...

* New jewelry

Crayone's Jewelry

* New net TV

Miami hiphop, graffiti, and design.

* MOS photos: Mexico

RAK's Meetings of Styles Photos

* Vancouver BC Canada: Call for participation

TV Show

We are looking for Graf content for our Television program. If you know any artists that would be interested in having their work displayed on our show please let me know.

2-Tone, Producer,
Pass Da Mic

Every Sunday/Tuesday night on Shaw TV
Cable 20 Greater Vancouver
(Cable 51 Delta, Ladner, Tsawwassen)


* New DVD series

Original Videograf Series


The Original Videograf Series Is Available Un-Cut On DVD For The Very First Time.

In December of 1989 the first graffiti video magazine was released. It was called Videograf issue one and over the next 6 years there would be eight more. In 1994 Videograf Productions change the game again when they put out the first all outlaw graffiti bombing video called Out Ta Bomb issue one Videograf Productions would go on to produce 11 graffiti videos between the years 1989 - 1995. Now the whole collection is being released un-cut for the first time.

* New book

Million Dollar Vandal


A exclusive... Advanced copies of MILLION DOLLAR VANDAL. Published by AKA Projects, and designed by the ALSO KNOWN AS Crew, comes this all out assault to the senses. 'Million Dollar Vandal' is the uncensored story about the life and times of Brooklyn's prodigal son, Desa MTA. For the first time, we get inside Desa's head and his story gets officially told from the beginning. Exceptionally well written, this book chronicles in detail how Desa became the symbol of New York's war on graffiti during the 1990's, and details the repurcussions that came with being the NYC Vandal Squads public enemy number one. It's also an intimate look into his personal life, and reflects back on the milestones that formed the person he is today, including the death of VE (RIP), his near-fatal accident, and his tumultuous graffiti career being pursued by the Vandal Squad, and state prosecuters.

'Million Dollar Vandal' is full of cinematic-type landscape photos, exclusive action shots, and personal portraits that range from trains to tunnels, platforms to rooftops, and from the streets of New York to the house he lives in. Beautifully photographed and also designed by ALSO KNOWN AS, this book has all the attention to detail and amazing printing techniques you've come to expect out of that crew including fluroescent and metallic inks, amazing packaging, and enough eye candy to keep this book on your coffe table permenantly. As a exclusive, the first 250 copies are individually signed, and the first 100 orders come with an un-announced bonus compliments of Desa. A definite must have!

Hardcover, 8.25" x 10.25", 192 full-color pages, spot metallic and fluorescent inks, custom packaging. Individually Signed by Desa.

* New zine

Skinny Cap

skinnycap (adventures in urban artforms) issue 1 out now

cover to cover full colour global graffiti goodness produced by writers for writers

featuring exclusive interviews with old school legend zephyr & quality of life director benjamin morgan

plus all the best new, reviews & electric boogaloos

* New dvd

Seventy k.

Australia's most notorious graffiti crew is about to release this DVD of its exploits in Melbourne, on and off the rails. Adrenaline on rock.

This DVD is sure to range from illegal to unobtainable, especially in Australia. So far, it's a mystery how to get one.

* New books


Bombshell: Life and Crimes of Claw Money
Wild Style: The Sampler by Charlie Ahearn

* New shoes

* Call for participation

Game Graffiti Wanted

A renown video game company is seeking graffiti writers for a project in the works. Looking for multidisciplinary work; tags, throw ups, hand styles, pieces, stencils, and stickers. More information will be given at time of inquiry.

Please contact:

* New mural

30 hours of Graffiti Art

This marathon of street art happened on the 16th and 17th of September of 2006 in the train station Domingos de Morais of the CPTM.

With support of the public transport company and the sponsorship of the Colorgin, Tiger, Profile, Loctobo, FBC, 3ºMundo and the Séc. of State of the Culture.

The event made a mark on the graffiti scene with one of the greatest walls in the world. The painting started Saturday morning at 10am, went all night, and finished Sunday at 4pm.

With good scaffolding the 150 grafiteiros covered more than 1 kilometer of wall. Organized by Binho Ribeiro and Bonga, this challenge showed how much the artists can achieve when they organize and create work that before only existed in dreams.

This project is a great conquest that reflects the maturity of and respect for graffiti culture in Brazil and the world.

30 horas de Graffiti Art

Esta foi a maratona de arte de Rua que aconteceu nos dias 16 e 17 de setembro de 2006

Na estação de trem Domingos de Morais da CPTM. Com apoio da empresa de transportes públicos juntamente ao patrocínio da Colorgin, Tigre, Profile, Loctobo, FBC, 3ºMundo e a Séc. de Estado da Cultura.

O evento marcou a cena do graffiti com um dos maiores murais do mundo. As pinturas começaram no sábado as 10h viraram a noite e terminaram no domingo as 16h.

Com uma boa estrutura os 150 grafiteiros cobriram mais de 1 kilometro de muro.

Organizado por Binho Ribeiro (SKATER) e Bonga este desafio mostrou o quanto os artistas pedem se organizar e construir obras que antes só existiam nos sonhos.

Uma grande conquista que reflete o amadurecimento e respeito da cultura do Graffiti no Brasil e no mundo.

* New book

Heavy Metal

[Writers in action, fabulous photography by Fakso - Susan]

Heavy Metal by Alex Fakso reconstructs the underground epic of a handful of credible dreamers who communicate only with each other, regardless of praise or criticism. Alex Fakso's photography, its involvement and its extraordinary evocative power, performs institutional task: it helps us learn and, if not share, certainly try and understand. Giovanna Calvenzi

AlexFakso was born in 1977 in Bassano del Grappa (It). At around the age of 13, he discovers the skate & graffiti world. He enrolls as a student of the Arts Institute of Cittadella (Padova, It) to attend the graphic design and photography courses. Such studies would help him perfect his technique and would inspire him to pursue his own research ailmed at the underground photography.

A lot was going on around the entire Italian peninsula during the 90s. Every city had its own writers paint the trains which were thereafter traveling round the country spreading the phenomena and being a great opportunity for graffiti artists to express themselves to the fullest.

Just like most writers of that period, Fakso preserves a memory of his graffiti on trains and train-reisers through photographs taken by himself. But a simple picture of a train does not satisfy his artistic ego. Alex did not want to loose track of all those nights spent in between trains, all those sensations felt...

Therefore, during the years he observed such a reality through a new prospective, experimenting new framings, new techniques under a profound study of contrasts between light and shadow.

In 1998, freshly back from NY, in 1998, Alex finally acquires awareness about the evocative power of his photos.

The silence, the neglect of the underground tunnels, the entrances and exits of these galleries being the only contact with the outer worlds, are the impressive scenario of his protagonists. Alex is now based in Milan.

Heavy Metal tells with authentic vividness the atmospheres and the sensations of a parallel world that breaths and moves through the darkest bends of our cities. The book will be in sale starting from November 15th and it was published by DAMIANI EDITORE. The introductions were written by Giovanna Calvenzi and Jamel Shabaaz.

* New DVD series

Vibraciones II

“Vibraciones Dvd” is part of a wider project that tries to show to a big audience the most artistic faces of Hip Hop culture. In Graffiti, Breakdance, Dj-s, Beatbox...Focusing in the process of creation and how it works with the urban Enviroment.

Volume Two is 170 minutes of dinamic editing supported in a dope, original, Soundtrack that goes from Drum´n`Bass to Flamenco. And organized as a travel to some cities or special places: Paris, London, Koln, Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Granada. Showing Graffiti pieces on its own urban context and adding an interview with a representative writer of the area.

This second Dvd got a more documentary point of view with interviews to MARTHA COOPER, SEAK (Special Report) ASTEKZ, COPE2, HANEM

We are looking for two main concepts: first is to give a kind of ´educational´ information to an audience outside ´Hip Hop´culture. This in Spain is a need because the Media didn´t do it. Like that, people in Spain can take a look to artists in other countries. And people in Europe and worldwide can watch to the progression in Spain too.

And second, to preserve for the next years some of the Art we can find in our streets at the moment. Doing an interesting film that is becoming popular and respected into the Hip Hop and Urban Art movements.

First DVD:
[From Spain, this DVD shows why we should all go to graffiti jams in Europe and South America. This 13-part, 140 minute extravaganza features digital video of amazing productions, beat boxing, (great) DJing, B-Boying, and and interview with Daim in English. There are very few words in this video, making it ideal for international audiences. Covers Belgiam, Spain, Germany, France, Holland, Brazil, Argentina.]

* New book

At Down 06 "Urban Design"

Created in 1997, At Down editions have always been "a metro ahead" as regards the concept and content of its works. You will find below all the necessary information concerning our sixth publication.

TITLE: At Down 06 "urban design"
PUBLICATION: November 2006
THEME: Graffitis and urban landscapes (train yards, metro tunnels, the street under all its fassets). The most representative atmospheres on the underground environment of urbanism via the world of graffiti.

CONTENT : Large photos (19 cm X 13 cm) for a visit of Europe and New York... The page layout is simple, without effect.
LANGUAGES : French / English
OPEN FORMAT : 40 cm X 20 cm (152 colour pages)
COVER : Hard back with glued/sewn binder
ISBN : 2-9525794-0-7 EAN : 9782952579407
SALES OUTLETS: FNAC Stores, Virgin Megastore and specialized shops.
20 rue du plan de l'olivier

INFOLINE: 0033 (0) 4 67 54 26 32 or 0033 (0) 6 27 32 81 01
INTERNET: Information and online sales :
e.mail :

* New DVD

TATS CRU * The Mural Kings


* New DVD

Graffiti in Berlin

[This is a basic documentary (not a historical documentary) about train graffiti in Berlin from a social and political point of view. It features jaw-dropping wholecars and lots of live train painting. Professional sound track, English subtitles, interviews with writers. PAL format - Susan]

* New DVD

Vibraciones 2

[Be on the lookout for this one. It's worth buying for the b-boy action alone, but it has more than 4 hours of fresh footage. Graffiti content dominates this video magazine, including interviews in English. Fun music, great beatboxing, good production values. All around a very fine compilation of European graffiti and hiphop action. PAL format - Susan]

* New DVD

Friendly Fire part 2

This DVD gives you a little insight in the train/street graffitiscene in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmoe and Oslo 2006. Some of the crews involved are: VIMOA, AOD, KH, Y2K, FY, NER, OCF, FAGS, ALL, FOS and AE. The DVD is approx. 1 hour long.

[See the site for more info and the trailer.]

* New book

London Street Art


* New York: New murals

City Arts

CITYarts, the Award Winning Youth Public Arts Organization, Announces Its Newest Project

"Safe Spaces" Mural at Claremont Park in the Bronx, as part of the ENGAGING GRAFFITI KIDS in CREATION, NOT DESTRUCTION MURAL PROGRAM

CITYarts is transforming the walls surrounding Claremont Pool in Claremont Park in the Bronx into an urban oasis. The program began mid-July with workshops designed to engage local youth in conversations about the effects of graffiti and the issues concerning them and their community. Under the guidance of professional artists, the youth are creating a mural inspired by those conversations. Painting of the mural, entitled "Safe Spaces," will continue through September.

"This mural project is the first under CITYarts‚ 'Engaging Graffiti Kids in Creation, not Destruction‚ program. We will create murals in each of the five boroughs, giving youth a chance to contribute positively to their community," said Tsipi Ben-Haim, Executive and Artistic Director.

Artists Kathleena Howie-Garcia and Ellis Gallagher were selected for the project. Gallagher (@copy;Ellis G.) is a former graffiti artist "who is now keeping his art on the right side of the law," (NY Times, 12/10/05). Howie-Garcia (Lady K-Fever) currently teaches art at the Bronx Museum. The artists‚ combined experience and mentorship is directing impressionable youth into productively channeling their creativity.

Founded in 1968, CITYarts‚ mission is to empower youth by bringing them together with professional artists to create public art that addresses civic and social issues, impacts their lives, and transforms their communities. CITYarts has sponsored and facilitated more than 260 projects to date working with over 500 artists and 10,000 young people to date.   

Each project aims to create public art where participation in the arts is limited; to develop social, artistic and educational skills for children in underserved communities; to reduce youth violence by creating positive alternatives to the street; to engage youth in discussion on issues that affect them, their communities, and the world; to promote understanding of ethnic and racial diversity; to encourage community pride; to kick off economic development and neighborhood revitalization; and to provide employment for professional artists. Every project brings pride to its creators and vigor to its surroundings, kicking off economic development, new playgrounds, and youth programs.

Helen Schumacher

* New Jersey: Call for participation

I'm an artist and [text] writer in BK, NY. I'm involved in the beginning stages of a project called "Satellite Island" for a publication in the city of Den Haag in the Netherlands. It will cover all variations on the theme of the Island in contemporary culture; from the reality television program Survivor to the outrageous luxury island communities currently under construction off the cost of the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates - The Palm and The World

I've been interested in Paterson, NJ because of its geography - both man made and natural. It is surrounded on three sides by the Passaic River and on the south by I-80, making it a kind of conceptual island. I'm also drawn to its history and the implications of its loss of manufacturing on the population there making it an economic island left to fend for itself.

I'm looking for someone who is from there or lives there to show me around or even possibly be involved in the project with me. I'm looking specifically for a graffiti artist but I'm also open to others who are from there and interested in this project. I wondering if you would know anyone who could help? I can send more detailed information if there is interest. Please contact me at:

Contact Matt Wycoff at:

* Online exhibition

James Kirkpatrick/ Thesis:

Online gallery show at

New Paintings and shirts by Thesis.

* New DVD

Dirty Handz Search & Destroy


People are still talking about the first two DVDs because they are some of the best action videos ever. I haven't seen this one yet, but I can bet it's going to be good too. - Susan

buying info:

* New Album

Hyphen One

hyphen_album_flyer_frontx.jpg hyphenone_album_flyer_backx.jpg

* New posters

Six Fingers are presenting supreme limited screenprints, signed by the artists:

Six Fingers präsentiert erstklassige signierte Siebdruckposter in streng limitierter Auflage von

  • Alexone (Paris)
  • Stefan Marx (Hamburg)
  • Dave Leamon (Los Angeles)
  • Jaybo aka Monk (Berlin)
  • Stohead (Hamburg)

We are offering these posters at reasonable prices in our online Shop and shipping worldwide.

Die Poster sind zu fairen Preisen online zu erwerben und werden weltweit versendet. Alle wichtigen Infos, den Film und Fotos von der Ausstellung in Hamburg unter:

You will find picture galleries, a quicktime movie and additional Information on our website

Best regards, Mit freundlichen Grüßen Heiko "Daddy Cool" Zahlmann and Boris "Beef" Heimberger

* New pillows

Crash's "7 the hard way"


Announcing Crash's "7 the hard way". A limited edition functional/sculptural set of pillows.

Made from a "leather like" material, and filled with poly-fill, these pillows can be used for sitting or as tables. They are limited to 100 sets, worldwide, signed and numbered on either white or black tags, depending on the dice.

Created with the company A-LIST, out of Los Angeles, these pieces create a new dimension for Crash in the functional art/furniture area.

Each of the dice measure 15" x 15".

The price for the set is 250.00 plus shipping.
For further information, please contact:

Edward @
Or Crash @

* New Book


Photographs by MARTHA COOPER

Introduction by MARE 139 (Carlos Rodriguez)

Photography / New York
Hardcover, 9.44 x 9.44 inches
120 pages, 100 duotone photos
ISBN: 3-937946-16-0

* New Shoes

The Lines Toughest

TLT has a new line of shoes, some featuring King157 designs. Hot stuff!

* New prints



Rfive Design, an art + design collaboration with Reiko Tomita and Roy Reid, are exhibiting their work @
1197 Fulton St
Brooklyn, NY
718.636.5336 through September 2006.

* New prints

Toofly Silkscreen Art Prints


Toofly's 1st set of silkscreen art prints are now available for purchase at: Only 50 prints made of each illustration, 18" X 24" signed and numbered by artist.

These hand silkscreen prints were first showcased at the showroom gallery for the "In a Girls World" Female Urban Art Exhibition featuring the Migdallion Vintage Sneaker Collection. Toofly's 20 feet wall installation of her adored female girl mark, and her emotionallly charged canvases were just a taste of what's to come from this young female talent.

* New book

Paris Characters

bon_de_preco_paris_ch#432B4.jpg bon_de_preco_paris_ch#432B3.jpg

* Call for photos

Amsterdam Subways

The author of "Holland Staat &Amp; Rijdt Een Piece" (Ilja van Dalen) is now working on a hardcover book about the amsterdam subs.


* New dvd


It has been a busy year so far for the Aerosol-, Video- and Streetart Collective CUBABRASIL. Won, Os Gemeos, Vitché, Neon, Stone, Joana and Nina had been invited to the Havana Biennial.

Altogether more then 25 artists put up a great exhibition, did workshops and painted the city. Our documentary movie has been shown at movie festivals in Toronto, Montreal, Berlin and Hamburg and is available now on DVD.

Check all this and much more on our completely updated website.

* Call for participation


International Creators' Organization is an international art agency based in Japan and publisher of commercial art books which are distributed worldwide. ICO's next publication will showcase some of the best examples of graffiti from around the world.

To view our current book project dealing with sculpture/public art go to:

Contact us to find out how to send your samples, links to receive submission guidelines. Selected artists will be invited to join free of charge and receive a complimentary copy of the book when it is completed.

Contact: Robert Morris

* Free magazine online

Wallspankers issue one

* Call for participation

Irish Graffiti Wanted for Research Study

I'm currently completing research for an archaeological study of graffiti at University College Dublin and wanted to know if you would be willing to put out a call for photographs of graffiti in and around Dublin. I would need the photograph, the location it was shot at and the date; all photos will be cited.

If you're interested in participating in this study, email me for more info. I'm arguing that graffiti is a valuable archaeological resource often misunderstood by the general public. By shedding some light on it as a social tool, I hope to dispel some of the negative publicity it has gotten thus far. Thanks for your help!


* New product

Khis Sheets

up to 280 cm * 280 cm

* El Paso TX: Art lessons

the shine gallery
2609b stanton st
el paso, texas 79902

The shine gallery can teach you how to create. Yes, we teach the technicalities, but we also teach you how to think on paper.

There are adult classes tuesday evenings from 5.30-7.30, Children's classes are saturdays from 10 - 12 and teens from 12 - 2.

We also have private classes available anytime. Come join us and expand your horizons a little bit. All supplies are included, but we sell them also, in case you get serious. We offer advanced students a creative environment to focus on their works. So come one, come all and see what you are capable of.

Plus the sidewalk sale starts july 12 and goes thru the 19th.

* New online gallery

This UK site markets prints of your work that you make and ship. Flat rate, no commission.

* New posters

Eric Orr


* New skins

Graffiti iPod "Gelaskins"

By Craola, Wrice and others. Plus they are always interested in new designs.

* New book

Wall and Piece - Banksy

Book Cover

* New magazine

Galeria Koloru

gk2_lx.jpg 03_07_galeria_koloru_3x.jpg 03_07_galeria_koloru_2x.jpg

* New clothing line, 2006


* New clothing line, 2006


* Call for participation

Pictures Needed-New Magazine Project

Subject: Graffiti Tattoos!

Black and White and/or Color
All sizes can be emailed
Wild Style, Readable, Cans, Characters, Must Be Graf Related
Tri State Area a Plus - All over world welcome
No Pay For Photos, but Recognition will be given

Please Include w/ Email the following:
Photographer's name
Name of Person with Ink

All Pictures Will Be Considered
Please Make Sure All Photos Are Clear
Hopefully Magazine Will Be Complete By Winter 2006
Please Send All Pitures By October 2006
Please Email With Any Questions/Comments
Thank You

* New canvases

Jordan Serin

* New mix CD

Here Come Da Pain

Dj Catch, Original Mix CDs and Graffiti

[31 tracks of old school madness.]

* New magazine

Galeria Koloru

(eng. Galery of Colors) Present Issue has 44 pages, and:

+ a lot of trainz from Poland, and all over
+ street bombing and legal walls
+ photorelation from Meeting of Stylez in Croatia, Zagreb
+ interview with writing girl from Vienna, Jaye NGS
+ "STREET SPAM" from Flying Fortress
+ article about NYC

If you are interested in distributing GK in your country, or on your web page, we can sell it or exchange for other magazines, if you have something interesting, for example from your country.


* New book

Supply & Demand

Shepard Fairey



A lecture and signing at SFMOMA (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art) on Thursday July 6th at 6:30 pm

* New video and CD

Video Arte Kallejero and Kancer Urbano

promo_videoakjx.jpg promoku3x.jpg

[I don't know where to get it or who to contact yet, sorry, but they seem to be from the same place.]

* New music

Bleek, of Shape Shifters

You're Stupid For Thinking I'm Stupid

It's hiphop and it's all about graffiti. Check it out!

* New clothing

The Seventh Letter 2006 Summer Collection

* New clothing

Sen2 Collection

* Online

Mini Graff

Model train wholecars. There's a movie on this site too.

* Online

Graffiti Photoshop Contest

[The page doesn't seem to indicate a start date, but I think it's over now since it was so short (48 hrs). Have a look at the interesting results though.]

* Videos online

Graffiti TV

[Not to be confused with the US video series of the same name.]

* New Magazine

Go On

* Call for participation

NEW DVD wants you

Vitello Grasso: a brand-new DVD magazine about urban arts / motion graphic / hiphop music is coming soon!

We are searching worldwide for VIDEOS and PICS about actions on the street, hall of fame, train bombing, writers and crews monographies, motion graphics, indipendent hiphop videos...

Please check or write to Soevv at

* New dvd

Grafflife 2


Bombing, bombing, live action bombing ... LA, NYC, NM, SFB, Boston, Detroit, Chicago, boondocks. Choice shots, classic burners, interviews. Truly asinine supersoaker activities. A tribute to female writers. Freight action. Interview with Officer White. Narrated by the usual suspects (famous). Interesting metal soundtrack (refreshing). 70 min.

* New dvd

Graffiti Is Dead

Despite the title, graffiti is alive and well in this brand new dvd out of New York. And unlike many dvds, this one is 100% graffiti.

See the trailer at the link above. It's available in the Art Crimes store after May 25th.

* New book


Una mirada reflexiva sobre el Graffiti de Fernando Figueroa Saavedra

* New book


[Maybe someone will tell me how to get one of these, and then I can tell you.]

* New dvd

Strictly Kings and Better

[Maybe someone will tell me how to get one of these, and then I can tell you.]

* New book

Freight Train Graffiti

[This is an amazing book!!]

The publication of FREIGHT TRAIN GRAFFITI (Abrams; $29.95; May 2006), the only definitive history of this remarkable art form, features 1,000 full-color images of artworks and in-depth interviews with more than 125 train artists and "writers." Hundreds of never-before-seen photographs span the style's evolution. The book presents the fascinating history of graffiti culture and includes the first-ever published history of "monikers," the precursors of graffiti, developed by hobos and rail workers to communicate en route.

The authoritative text from an all-star team of authors provides unprecedented perspective. Roger Gastman, who is based in Los Angeles, is co-publisher of the pop culture magazine SWINDLE, and has been involved with graffiti for 15 years. In 1993 he painted his first freight train. Darin Rowland, absorbed with both trains and graffiti, currently plays an active role in graffiti and other street culture in Philadelphia. The work of Ian Sattler, has appeared in a number of books and national magazines. He lives in Washington, DC.

Roger Gastman, Darin Rowland and Ian Sattler
Published by Abrams
$29.95 June 2006, paperback with flaps
1,000 full-color images of graffiti artworks
352 pages, 6 1/4 x 8 1/2"

* New book

The History of Los Angeles Graffiti Art

The History of Los Angeles Graffiti Art, volume one is the first in a series of four books that document all aspects of Los Angeles graffiti art from 1983 to 2005. Focusing on the 1980s (1983 -1988), volume one recounts the first years of the graffiti movement. Hardback with DVD.


By "Wisk" and "Relax"

* New dvd

Piece By Piece : San Francisco Graffiti Documentary

The DVD comes with 2 hours of extra bombing and painting in addition to the 78-minute feature film and a 50-page color book.

Available now in the Art Crimes store.

* New Book


KR, the master bomber and photographer (and father of Krink, of course) takes you on a tour of his favorite things. Raw and wonderful, you'll love his visual sense of humor.

* New Book

Also Known As

This book is an amazing combination of writing for writers and design for designers. The artistic tension between the exquisite book design and the raw bombing and urbanscapes makes this book unique to the genre. Don't miss out!

* Online videos

Kings of New York

* Call for participation: internet

Wall Spankers

* Call for participation: New Bedford MA, July 15, 2006

7th Annual 3rd EyE Open

-call to Graff Writers to paint in the 3rd EyE Open outdoor festival (300 feet of Graff)

-submit work by email to

* Call for participation

Photographer seeks writers to collaborate with. See Peter Sool's site at

* New book

Bully Projects


88 pages of linoleum cuts and music by Sixtoo

Limited to 1000 copies

US, Canada, UK, from

* Call for participation

World Peace Contest

* New cartoons

Turntable Timmy


Children's author, Michael P., and illustrator, Doug "DUG1" Cunningham (Wave Twisters) team with startup animation house Rebel Static for a groundbreaking new Hip-Hop cartoon based on the critically acclaimed children's book, Turntable Timmy (Last Gasp Publishing), with turntablist, Mike Relm.

The musical comedy crusade will consist of 90-second short films with full-motion animation, and will debut this summer on The micro-series will detail the exploits of Turntable Timmy and his crew, The Arrowtown Rockers, as they due battle with a corporate crook, Chip Staka, and his conniving cronies, in an attempt to save Hip-Hop from the clutches of wackness. By using the power of the 5 Elements and staying true to themselves, Timmy and his crew are able to combat the evil forces in the music industry.

Turntable Timmy trailer:

* New videos

Show Must Go On

Free on Google video, full length graffiti video from Slovakia.

Mark Ronson's remix of Radiohead's "Just"

This has a lot of what looks like UK graffiti that's been animated. Cool. We hope they asked the artists first.

windows media player version

quicktime version

* New services


Crayone now offers custom graphic services including graffiti tattoo designs, tags made to order, and murals. See his store for details.

* New clothes


By Sain.TOP

* New shoes

Grey's AWOL Lows

* Call for participation


Graffiti ˆ State of the Art - Kongress im Rahmen von Graffitolog ´06
07.04.2006 - 09.04.2006
im Bürgerzentrum Mütze, Berliner Str. 77 Köln

Anmeldungen und Referatsvorschläge an:

CasaNova Köln
51063 Köln-Mühlheim
tel.:0221-64 23 08

* New mural

99 Dreams

This amazing mural was made by Chachi and other writers in Chico, California USA with cooperation from government and transportation agencies.

* New book

Art, Skateboarding and Life, by Andy Howell

* New sculptures

Graffiti models and sculptures

* New gear

* Liverpool / Wirral: UK Graffiti art courses

GRAFFITI AT WORK COURSE for unemployed 16-19 year olds

ZAP GRAFFITI ARTS and LEASOWE DEVELOPMENT TRUST are seeking young unemployed 16-19 year olds from the Wirral for their new POPS courses. (DURATION : 12 WEEKS @ 12 HOURS: 4 between 2005-2006)

This course will allow participants to learn the basic skills of graffiti as an art form and engage in an extensive course:







Entry into the course does not adversely affect your benefits, possibly the contrary!

For full details and elegibility please contact:

SATURDAYS: 11-1, 1.30-3.30 AND 4-6

Contact us for details:

0151-702 9057
0151-637 0618

or alternatively KIERAN GORMAN: ZAP GRAFFITI ARTS: 0771 6548 629

* Call for participation

Tag book

* New book

Darco Code Art

Download English PDF brochure for Darco Code Art

The book is very professional, just what you'd expect from one of Europe's style masters.

"Depuis son premier graffiti sur un mur gris de la banlieue parisienne en 1984, c'est son insatisfaction constante qui a poussé Darco à parcourir le monde pour peindre sans relâche. Il affûtera son style avec les années et les expériences jusqu'à devenir une référence pour toute une génération d'artistes. Pour Darco, le writing, est un paradoxe, un mouvement à la fois chaotique et structuré, capable de s'émanciper de ses propres règles ; un phénomène insaisissable en perpétuelle évolution qui effraie les profanes. Cet ouvrage retrace plus de vingt ans d'œuvres sauvages et commandées, aux quatre coins de la planète et sur tous types de supports. Darco nous ouvre les portes de son univers secret. "

* New film


Artwork by Neon, Ciel, Won, Pure, Mons and Cemnoz. Wait for the Soundtrack!

Worldwide release later in 2006

* New fonts

Fonts News

HandSelecta JOKER, MENE, MESH, MESK, & SABE so far now on CD

* New dvd

Not Guilty II

View the trailer (Quicktime 3.6MB)

Available now, in our store.

* New book

ttsss - Pixacao

TTSSS… – a graphic manifestation

Extracting “notes”, from the “historical” diary of a graphic artist – a pixador – was how this book came to existence. Boleta, who put together this volume, is a member of the first generation of Vício, one of the oldest and most active graphic-manifestation gangs in São Paulo. The diary dates from 1988 to 1998. During this period, Boleta gathered signatures, tags*, pixos*, grapixos*, tags*, throw-ups*, folhinhas*, stickers*, symbols and drawings. These personal notes are a testimonial of how Pixo gradually came to life in São Paulo.

We have reproduced pages of this collection of autographs either in their totality or in detail. The photos were the next step. The book’s photographic work reveals how “Pixographics” defines the chaotic mood of the city, yet allowing us to see through the chaos, where beauty lays - multiplying in extension and height – allover the city. Editora do Bispo sees a genuine, contemporary, 21st century form of communication in Pixação*, where a gifted and original graphic creation emerges. We have decoded alphabets, logotypes, and drawings from the diary. These symbols, if seen detached from their context, reveal original and sophisticated graphic creations.

Ttsss... does not intend to be an encyclopedia of graphic art, decoding all its symbols and nuancing its forms of expression. It is, however, the editorial introduction to Pixo. Ttsss… is an important compilation that shows a specific stream of young artists - artists who predominantly come from an underprivileged social segment. Their social condition is, nonetheless, the ingredient that makes their symbolograms one of the most original urban phenomenons in Brazil – or perhaps in the entire western hemisphere - in recent years.

Title: “ TTSSS… pixação, the vastest art, sao paulo, brazil ”
Organized by Boleta (Daniel Medeiros)
Photos: João Wainer and Boleta

Paperback: 154 pags.
Publisher: Editora do Bispo
Language: english and portuguese
Isbn: 859930708
120 color images
Product dimensions: 24 cm x 17 cm
Shipping weight: 500 gr.
Price : US$ 35 plus mailing
Five books or more: US$ 18, plus mailing

contact: Pinky Wainer or Jose M Pinheiro

Editora do Bispo
rua Dr. Melo Alves, 278 - 01417- 010 - São Paulo SP Brazil
Tel/fax 55 11 3064 8673 or 55 21 2512 7486


* Graffiti calendar

True school Kings

Amok, Phos4, Poet, Wesp, Shek, Dejoe, Migel, Bas2, Deko, Rew, Lite and Bisaz.

Calendar buying info

Resellers wanted, contact for info

* New collectibles

Groovy graffiti rugs

* New dvd

Eye Candy

* Paris France: January 27, 2006

Book of Tags

We are delighted to announce the presentation of our most recent publication, The Book of Tags, on January 27 at the Palais de Tokyo Bookstore from 7pm to 9pm with the participation of Dropdrop Agency, Stefano Scialli, Marco Valle and Marco Bruzzone (authors and artistic directors of the project). This book, dedicated to tags, analyses this phenomenum of urban expression et groups the texts of Hassan Massoudi, Buro Destruct, Barry Mc Gee alias Twist, Olivier Stak et Stefano Boeri. We hope to see you then.

The Book of Tags presents the personal signatures of 150 writers coming from 20 different countries throughout the world. The selection includes some of the most influential tags belonging to pioneers in the graffiti world as well as others that represent innovative and experimental calligraphic styles. The tags are displayed in alphabetical order, one per page correlated with a caption to facilitate the deciphering of the different calligraphic styles. DropDrop's purpose is to create a 1980's style graffiti "blackbook" object, simple and essential in the layout and rich in content. The first section of The Book of Tags consist of short introductory essays by five prestigious individuals working in the fields of design, calligraphy, graffiti and architecture : Buro Destruct, a designer collective from Bern, Barry McGee (AKA Twist), a contemporary artist with a strong graffiti background, Olivier Stak (artist and chief editor of World Signs), Hassan Massoudi (a contemporary Arab calligrapher) and Stefano Boeri (architect, urbanist and director of Domus from Milan). The publication ends with a black and white action photo gallery compiled and edited by DropDrop in an effort to show the beauty and energy of the act of tagging in its original context.

* New zine

"Graffiti Magazine"

* New toys, etc.


Toy2r x NASTY x ALBUM - 3.5" Baby Qee blue eyes baby
Exclusive for ALBUM COMICS, 67 BD ST GERMAIN 75005 PARIS
Album stores ( paris, Lille, rennes, montpelier, nantes, Bordeaux, nice, marseille, strabourg, Lyon...).
Toy2r share Overseas at HK$70/pc

Munny by Marka27

Dalek bag

Motug Qees by Toofly, Ghost, NYC Lase, Ewok and others

Sket-One's King Tut Munny (Kidrobot NYC, 126 Prince Street between 6-8pm January 5)

* New dvd

Inner City

from Madrid Spain. Who has info about this? Please email us.

* New car

Reach Smart Car

Reach, Soul Skool (email), Taiwan

* New dvd

10 minutes


* New dvd

Future of Graffiti

* New book

"Schablone Berlin" (Berlin stencils)

Kyle Schlesinger with Caroline Koebel

"Schablone Berlin" is an artists' book as well as a book of documentation, presenting stencil graffiti from the streets of Germany's most international metropolis. The book consists of over 100 color photographs showing not only the graffiti, but also its placement within the confines of urban space. The 40 page introduction examines the semiotic and performative aspects of stencils as a populist form of writing within the contexts of art history, media and urban anthropology. Post-Face by anthropologist and ethno-poet Dennis Tedlock.

Small Press Distribution
1341 Seventh Street
Berkeley, CA 94710-1409

Chax Press
101 W. Sixth Street, no. 6
Tucson, AZ 85701-1000

Cuneiform Press
769 Richmond Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14222

ISBN: 0-925904-52-X $16.95

* New Book

Graffiti Brasil

This book rocks. Lots of Sao Paulo (with other cities) graffiti put together by photographers and writers. Written side by side in English and Portuguese. Amazingly good. Paperback is very reasonably priced and available at Graffiti Brasil -

* New book

Mike GIANT book: Skulls Press Compendium

It's black and white and over 250 pages. It includes reprinted Editions of: Pagina Vilot, Shim Rot, Flood Bart, Dairy Hicks, and Introducing Passive Moles. A limited amount of autographed copies are available. Please check out the store at: for more information.

See his prints for sale at Low Gallery

* New book

Fuzz One: A Bronx Childhood

VINCENT FEDORCHAK Fuzz One: A Brooklyn Childhood

A Bronx Childhood
By Vincent Fedorchak.
FUZZ ONE is the staggering, outrageous, true story of a raucous and wholly unsupervised childhood in the Bronx of the 1970s. Through Vincent Fedorchak's hilarious deadpan narration of a wild existence wrought with adolescent braggadocio, we are taken on a rough journey through a deteriorating Bronx jungle-wonderland where property value was plummeting and kids ruled the streets. Whether executing a bizarre graffiti mission in another borough with all the insanity of a special ops soldier, fearlessly tracking down Satan-worshippers camped out in the old castles in Van Cortlandt Park, or being the first white boy inducted into the infamous Ebony Dukes street gang, Fedorchak never flinches. ~Filled with hundreds of never-before-published photos of graffiti art and Bronx cityscapes, as well as first-hand accounts of the exploits of legendary graffiti artists such as DONDI, BLADE, COMET, NOC 167, BOOTS 119, and others, FUZZ ONE is a guided tour of a heretofore uncharted Bronx underworld. This epic tale of youth gone awry fully captures an important era of cultural upheaval in New York City's history. It is set apart from other memoirs via the inclusion of more than 300 images, nearly all in color, that give the volume strong historical, anthropological, and cultural appeal.

PUBLISHED BY: Testify Books
FORMAT: Hardcover, 6.5 x 9.25 in./384 pgs / 300 color / 10 b&w
ISBN: 0972592016 RELEASE: 2005

Available at fine bookstores now

* New book

The Nasty "Terrible" T-Kid

The Nasty "Terrible" T-Kid is the autobiographical of graffiti writer Julius Cavero aka T-KID 170. It chronicles his days as a gang member in late 1970s New York City to his rise as a subway legend in the 1980s and then up to his dedication as a artistic style mentor for urban youth.

  • Published: November, 2005
  • Price: 34,99 Euro / $45,00
  • Format: 225 x 300 mm / 11.8x17.7 inches
  • Content: 200 pages
  • Photographs: 400 full color + 20 B/W photographs, 50 artworks and designs
  • Binding: Hardcover (incl. embossed printing) and Dustcover / Stitch binding
  • ISBN: 3-937946-11-X (English Edition) 3-937946-12-8 (French Edition)
  • EAN: EAN: 9783937946115
  • Language: English Edition / French Edition

more info Germany:
more info France:
more info USA:

* New book


This book shows the power, versatility and applied creativity of 24 graffiti artists (and crews) who specialize in design.

It is quite the European showcase. Each artist is given 8 glorious pages.

  2. ZEDZ
  3. 123KLAN
  7. HELLO
  8. BACKYARD 10
  10. ESHER
  11. NECK
  12. BESOK
  15. SAT ONE
  16. STUKA
  17. EROSIE
  18. FINSTA
  19. 56K
  20. GOMES
  21. DIBO
  22. HITNES

It's hardcover, high-quality, professional in every way. And full of the most important thing: style. Text in both German and English.

Get Fadings at Amazon in the US and in Germany:

Includes a CD-Rom with Fonts, Animation and Movies

220 pages, Hardcover
11 1/2" X 8 1/2"
1.100 color illustrations
German /English
ISBN: 1-58423-219-6
$ 45.00

* Texas USA: ongoing

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Dirty South Street Art

I'm a [text] writer in Houston who's working on a book about Dirty South Street Art.

I've already made some contacts, but I'd like to include as many Third Coast artists as possible.

Is there anyone out there who would like his or her work to be considered?

I want this to be a slick book (kind of like Tristan Manco's, if you're familiar), so I need to get a couple of sample chapters ready in order to show potential publishers.

Basically, right now I'm just feeling out interest. I eventually would need some high-res images of your work, and I'd also send you a questionnaire of sorts to fill out, so I could write up a couple of paragraphs about your work.

Any artist whose work was in the sample chapters would probably be included in the final book, since his or her work would've been a part of what the publishers liked.

Oh, and there would be no need to reveal your identity.

As for me, I'm a staff writer for the Houston Press, an alternative weekly. Here's something I've written on our scene.

If you know of any other Third Coast street artists who you think would be good for this, please pass along this message and, if you can, send me a link to their Web site.

I can be reached at "KEITH dot PLOCEK at GMAIL dot COM"

* Call for Participation

Broad Vocabulary

Feminist bookstore in Milwaukee, WI is looking for artists to display their work. Please contact Marisa at 414-530-3917.

All mediums and themes (and genders) will be considered.

Broad Vocabulary
2241 S Kinnickinnic Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53207

* New dvd


"........a graff film 'must see,' the true depiction of the scene in Liverpool, England, It's real, upfront and never before witnessed......"

The film has met with outstanding success in the UK. It has been aired on the BBC BIG SCREEN and THE BIG CHILL music festival. Music producers 'Moneyshot' provide the soundtrack. Their music adds a unique dimension to 'Stokumentary' making it an unmissable visual and audio experience.
message board for Stokumentary

* New documentary


RASH is a contemporary story of Melbourne and the artists who make it a living host for illegal artwork called `street art'. This film explores the cultural value of unsanctioned public art and the ways that graffiti contributes to a very public dialogue.

Featuring: CHALI 2na (USA), DEST, Dominic Allen, FERS, FLIQ (BurnCrew), HAHA, James Dodd, KAB 101, KANO, LISTER, MEEK, MILES, Miles Allinson, PRISM, PSALM, REKA, SIXTEN (Sweden), SNOG, SYNC, Tai Snaith, TOWER (Berlin), VEXTA,

The DVD will be available in 2006 and it's looking for international distribution.

* New Film


* New Book


* New Book

"KYO-DOW" (Psycho Roots)

This exciting new book is from an artist collective in Japan, Psycho. It has some very interesting Japanese graffiti in it, but it's much more than that. It's a collection of show-stopping photographs and design compositions from the Japanese underground. Each image explodes off the page in a series of mindblowing proportion. Huge, hardcover, glossy. Get a taste at their website:

Available only in Japan until they find distributors in other countries.

in Japan:


* New DVD

Feel Mode

See also for previews

* Vote online for a real mural

My City My Art

Stop smoking (product) campaign. Vote for the mural you like the best.

* Buffalo NY

Call for Participation

In an effort to combat the ongoing graffiti vandalism in Buffalo, New York: Xtreme Wheels Indoor Skate Park is offering talented artists the opportunity to express themselves on the arena walls inside the park. This is a pre authorized activity only. Artists must submit sketches to Virginia Mazgajewski for approval. Being a family enviroment, only sketches that reflect wholesome lifestyle values are accepted. If you are interested in submitting a design, or have questions, email Virginia at

Xtreme Wheels Indoor Skate Park
356 Hertel Avenue
Buffalo, New York 14207

* Call for participation

National Public Radio USA

This I Believe

[This is a letter to Art Crimes from a very credible and respected radio station. This could be your chance to say something everyone will hear. - Susan]

"I was just looking at your website and thought some of your viewers/readers might be interested in submitting an essay to This I Believe, National Public Radio's series of personal essays that airs Mondays, alternating between Morning Edition and All Things Considered.

The goal of this project is to inspire reflection and deep thinking about one's beliefs and core values. The aim is not to persuade Americans to agree on the same beliefs, but to encourage respect for beliefs different from one's own, something especially critical in our divided nation right now.

Here's a link to our website, where visitors can read or listen to essays that have already aired, and get information on how to write and submit one themselves:

Submitting an essay does not guarantee that it will be chosen, but we want to encourage many different people, with diverse beliefs and interests, to submit essays for consideration.

Please consider posting this invitation on your website, and feel free to spread the word to any acquaintances you feel would be interested in the project. Thanks!
Joanna Richards
This I Believe

* New Book

Stencil Graffiti Capital: Melbourne

By Jake Smallman and Carl Nyman
160 pages, extensively illustrated in color
8 1/4 x 10 inches
ISBN 0-9762245-3-4

* USA: Call for professional muralists

Graffiti Artists Wanted

Tats Cru, Inc. is seeking artists in all major cities for upcoming nationwide campaign and future work. Artists must be reliable, professional and provide photos of recent work. Please contact Tats Cru, Inc. at (718) 542-2324 or or via the website:

* New postcards

Getting Up

06229_topx.jpg 06230_backx.jpg 06231_openx.jpg katalog_004_getting_up1x.jpg katalog_012_daim1x.jpg katalog_030_tasek1x.jpg katalog_042_getting_u#263DB.jpg

Daim, Tasek, Daddy Cool, Stohead ... They've done it again. This time it's a boxed set of postcards featuring some of their most celebrated works.

* New DVD


PAL, any region, 2 hours all graffiti. It's like a video magazine with many types of graffiti content. Lots of live action, lots of passenger trains, mostly German material, including lots of Munich burners and an interview with Shame and Won in German and one of the mythical Seak trains.

* Holland and online

Art in Cities

Art is always present everywhere and it doesn't come out from the direction an institution or society wants to give it; the works here are short personal notes, fascinating big projects or interesting examples of protest. This way the individual artists use the city as an art gallery through their graffitis, posters, stickers, stencils, etc.

Art in Cities (ON THE WALL-hunted art) gathers visual fragments in an exhibition that encloses the city in the five continents, a global summary of the urban landscape, where the exhibition area itself becomes subject of an exposition.

The photos on display (presently about 3500, but the number is continuously growing), which can be sent by anyone, are testifying of an "illegal" art which is often anonymous too. Marconi Gallery is the first in Italy to welcome this synthesis of the varied urban realities in his room.

If you want to send a testimony of your city you can send to:

* Holland: Graffiti workshops

Workshops with Bas Debie

* New sticker set

"Mad One" limited edition grab bag

  • 1 signed postcard-(color)
  • 2 4x6in.stickers-(blk n wht)
  • 2 2x4in. stickers-(blk n wht)
  • PLUS FREE SHIPPING within the USA!
  • all for one low price of: $ 10.00.

* New gear

Bunny Kitty

free screensavers and hidden goodies too

* New postcard set


12 postcards showing canvas work of the artist “ecb“, under which lots of unpublished works.
Very special and limited, packed in a cardboard box.

box: corrugated cardboard, closed with a sticker
cards: front full colored, back monochrome
printed on thick, 350g. cardboard
size: 10,5 x 14,7 cm

price within Europe: 10 euro
outside Europe: 15 euro

prices are shipping inclusive.


* New dvd

Graffiti Instincts

* New book

Nasty and Slice

nastyslicebookx.jpg nastysliceimg01x.jpg

Two of the most famous train bombers of Paris.

ISBN EDITOR : 2 35081 001 1
ISBN DISTRIBUTOR : 2 86227 444 5
ISSN : 1771-6411

author : Gautier Bischoff

You can buy it on

info & orders:

* New book

Writers United

The WUFC Story: A Swedish Graffiti Crew

The book Writers United paints an intimate portrait of the members of one of the world’s most notorious graffiti crews, Writers United Football Club (WUFC). Six members, with entirely different personalities and one common goal. Since the creation of WUFC in an indoor soccer hall in the Stockholm suburb of Nacka eleven years ago, they have written their name on thousands of trains and walls across Europe. Like rock musicians, graffiti writers invest their work with style and attitude, and just like in any successful band, each member of WUFC has a specific role. Here, hyperactive graffiti writers Uzi and Que take the lead.

Journalist Björn Almqvist and photographer Emil Hagelin have been following WUFC and some of their friends for several years. The reader will encounter a new world through exhaustive interviews and direct reports. We follow the writers from making preparations in their homes to descending into dark tunnels to write. They risk injury and fines all year round to see their name on the trains. Their lifestyle can be hard to understand. Why do they write, how do they see their work, and what sort of people are they really? The text and atmospheric, highly-charged photographs in Writers United offer a better idea of what graffiti is really all about. As photographer Emil Hagelin says:

“Most graffiti books concentrate on the pieces themselves. We wanted to show what their lives look like, and how graffiti appears on Joe Blow’s wall or the subway train he takes to work every morning.”

Writers United provides a unique insight into graffiti as art and lifestyle. This is the first time such an intimate portrait has been made of a graffiti crew.

Foreword by Martha Cooper, photographer of the books Subway Art (1984) and Hip Hop Files (2004).

Writers United is published by Dokument Förlag and will be available in shops from mid July 2005

160 pp., 23x30 cm, Parallel text in Swedish and English

Emil Hagelin, b. 1976, works as a freelance photographer. Björn Almqvist, b. 1974, is a journalist and editor of the magazine Underground Productions.

Previous Dokument Förlag publications: They Call Us Vandals (2000), Overground (2003)

Dokument Förlag
Box 773
120 02 Årsta
Tel: 08 13 33 32

Dokument förlag & distribution Underground Productions Box 773, 12002 Årsta, Sweden

Hasbin ek för and Dokument Förlag has joined under the name Dokument Förlag & distribution. Dokument Förlag & distribution is the publisher of Underground Productions.

* Exhibion looking for galleries in Europe and USA

Dark Daze

dazdarkdazex.jpg aroedarkdazex.jpg darkdazevibesx.jpg


* New subvertisement

Billboard Liberation Front Action

see it on laughingsquid

* New animation


by James 1

* New murals

Os Gemeos do Coney Island

Flikr has an Os Gemeos spot too.

* New postcard set

Postcards by Insa

insa_postcard_4xx.jpg insa_fetishsetonex.jpg insa_postcard7x.jpg

Buy directly from Insa online

* New Film


Graffiti feature film in cinemas (first europe then US) soon.

Wholetrain tells of four Graffiti Writers/one crew (KSB) fighting for fame and respect at any price.

When another crew appears in their territory a fiercer battle is ignited, that will change the lives of the four writers forever.

The Film was written and directed by Florian Gaag, himself a former graffiti writer.

The artwork of the movie was created by WON, NEON, CEMNOZ , PURE, CIEL and MONS

German language

* New DVD

Feel Mode

* Exhibit seeking galleries



Contact / bookings

Rammellzee, aside from being an Old School Graffiti Artist with works seen around the world was very much an early MC/Rap Pioneer of vocal styles. Some of which were taught to him by one of his partners from way back- Jamel - Z.

Styles like the "Gangsta Duck" (which he used on the infamous Jean Michel Basquiat produced BEAT BOP circa 1983), "WC Fields" (he used it in the movie Wild Style during his lyrically beyond performance with Shock Dell LIVE AT THE AMPHITHEATER circa 1982), and the "Tricky Dick" were all part of his arsenal.

His influence can be heard in countless rappers including The Beastie Boys and B-Real from Cypress Hill

Rammellzee is still active today unleashing futuristic Hip Hop, painting his style (called Iconoklast Panzerism), and performing all throughout the world.

Rammellzee was an important player in the initial crossover of hip-hop culture to the mainstream. He participated in hip-hop's earliest phases, though the bizarre edge his aggressively fanciful inventions brought to the original hip-hop style has been somewhat blunted by the dominance of the gangsta pose and its supposed "reality." Though he performed and recorded as an MC, Rammellzee achieved greater fame as a visual artist, with exhibitions in fine art venues of both North America and Europe. He began his art career "bombing" New York City subway trains, but the subway system influenced more than his artwork. Dynamite D, a conductor who rhymed boasts of the superior condition of his super clean D-train over the train's intercom, is named by Rammellzee as an early rap inspiration. Partnered with MCs Shock Dell and Jamal, Rammellzee participated in early hip-hop sound system battles, where he developed the "W.C. Fields" and "Gangsta Duck" voices originated by Jamal. Rammellzee employed the "Gangsta Duck" on "Beat Bop," a dense dialogue with K-Rob, nominally produced by the late painter Jean Michel Basquiat, and released on Profile Records. "Beat Bop" was the result of some improvised role playing, with Rammellzee playing a pimp and K-Rob in the character of a schoolboy. The resulting rap is the best and most sustained example on record of Rammellzee's flights of wordplay, fantasy, and street surrealism. He also appeared in the film Wildstyle and can be heard on the soundtrack LP of the movie. Though mostly concentrating on his visual art, he has collaborated on several progressive hip-hop projects, most often with Bill Laswell. ~ Richard Pierson, All Music Guide

* Just in time for graduation

Slick and K2S do lunch


And get this, the lunchbox is the container for the new "Dissizit!" Tshirt, and it comes with a poster too.

* New DVD

Rail Side Films

RSF - Is a team of international fr8 documenters that have been receiving footage for over 4 years. Please visit our store to purchase the culmination of these four years of footage in RSFís first project Transition: 70 minutes of strictly live and rolling freight footage, a 60 minute RSF produced audio CD sound track, and an 8 page full color booklet! There is also a trailer on our website at

* New DVD



"Graff-life is a film of culture realization. The graffiti underworld has always been portrayed as an element of hip hop, but it is so much more. The film viewer will experience the lifestyle that goes wtih the artwork and glimpse the person behind the writing on the wall. Graff-life shows society's outlook and how the law deals with these crimes. Volume one of this series covers bombing, pieces, trains, battles and much more. Graff-life is a must-see video fo rthose interested in the largest art movement inthe world. - Aerosol Art."

Available online from

* New Video

Gypsy Tribe (OllywoodProduction05)

Footage from Los Angeles and Chicago

Live Painting by:
Skating by Zach Stuart-Fry
all Music by the gypsy kid

Free downloads:

* Houston TX salon seeks artists

salon chi in galleria 3

Thomas: 713-439-1477

* NYC gallery and studio seeks artists

Invisible NYC

148 Orchard St NYC 10002

* Collectible Gallery Prints


the_aftermath_dondix.jpg unitedstates_of_graff#5A726.jpg bornagain_dondix.jpg a_world_power_dondix.jpg

The DONDI WHITE ESTATE proudly offers, for the first time, the Dondi White Prints. Taken from four rarely seen canvases painted by Dondi White, the “Style Master General”. The Dondi White Prints come in a 4 piece 16”x 20” set. Each set is masterfully printed on Archival Somerset watercolor paper; packaged in a handsome 24” clear tube, with the official Dondi White logo emblazoned on the outside. Also enclosed with each set is a six-page collector’s brochure with color photos of each print and a list of galleries throughout the world where Dondi White exhibited. This four-piece exclusive collector’s set will be offered only one time in a printing of 100 sets, numbered and embossed with the seal of authenticity of the Dondi White Estate.

To pre-order your set of the Dondi White prints

* New Book


  • 200 pages . full color
  • 24x24 cms. . hard cover

The book contents offer a variety of graffiti writers and artists from Spain and Europe, with 200 pages of great art.

Artists: Alëxone, 123Klan, Ankh, Cooler, Reso, Dran, Kern, Ogre, San, Pornostars, Zeta, Beto, Fasim, Sex, Skum, Fwc, Eox, Moockie, Puke, Xl, Dips, Realgraffiks, Sg, Rambo, Sam3, Dck, Spl, Belio, Sixe, Satone, Stohead, Daddy cool, Viagrafik, Flying Fortress, Zwerg Burns, Cg, Dfm, Hitnes, Jaba, Recto, Rosy, Herbert, Vitche, Dzr Sone, Hanem Drim, Mets Noer, etc...

edition/ distribution:
Coming 1 MAY 2005

* New Books and Calendar


livre_dran_ma_villex.jpg livre_dran_la_televisiox.jpg worldwide_designers_2007x.jpg livre_de_graffiti_illu#C6CF.jpg


Paypal ordering available via the links above. More info:

* New DVD

Graffiti Limbo

"Graffiti Limbo" is a one hour documentary that offers a unique insight into what may be the ultimate expression of public art. Graffiti is a vibrant combination of art and urban dissent that emerged from the streets. "Graffiti Limbo" looks at the street origins of graffiti art, where illegal tagging, bombing, and throw ups are a part of its subversive essence. The documentary illustrates the tension among those writers who seek a legitimate outlet for their art form and those who would arrest all writers as gang-inspired vandals. It is set against the back drop of "Paint Louis", one of the largest international graffiti festivals. Graffiti writers from throughout the world gather in St. Louis, Missouri, to take advantage of one of the few legitimate forums in which they express their art. During the three-day annual festival the city’s two-mile-long flood wall becomes a canvas for some of the world’s premier artists and crews.

This documentary is distributed by TVF International and has aired on Discovery's "Civilization", screened at Cinema St. Louis's Summer Showcase, and has been broadcast in Australia, New Zealand, Israel and elsewhere

[This video is really quite good. It would serve as a great introduction to graffiti art in the classroom. Those of us who were at Paint Louis 2001, the last year it occurred, will notice that many of the excellent productions done then did not make it into the documentary, most notably the AWR monumental pieces (with the exception of a few quickies of Sever's, in progress), it is still a good effort to document the largest graffiti event ever held in the USA and a worthy tribute to Phlo, the young St. Louis writer who lost his life that year in an unrelated train trestle accident. Great music too. - Susan]

* New magazine


in French and English

* Call for participation

Singapore bar wants your stickers

* New Book

From the Platform

by Cavs

22 years of photos

* New DVD series

Bench Warmers

A new DVD quarterly freight magazine! The first issue features lots of rolling freights, with some flix, fools, and fun thrown in for good measure. Not mom safe. Focused on the Southeast USA, there are some forays into Atlanta and other points of interest. Original soundtrack in the homebrew hiphop tradition.

* New DVD

Forgotten City


Chicago is notorious for being the first and continued stronghold city of the "Buff". Like every city, graffiti still remains an outlet, an escape, and an expression of liberation that is transcribed by many individuals through various forms of expressionistic creativity and mediums. Unfortunately, whether it may be through the means of vandalism or aesthetic print, much has been eradicated by non-stop sandblasts and strokes of cheap, brown paint. Forgotten City, a perfect name for the city of Chicago. But much is not forgotten and vandalism is still prevalent in the city. This film documents a minimum part of the work that is put out day by day by various artists and shows no matter how much the city blasts, the war is not over.

Featuring Chicago's top bombers, insides, train sides, clean trains, tunnels, interviews, transit lines, live footage, Meeting of Styles 2004, and some rowdy ass shit.

* New Book / DVD


fs2sidvd2005x.jpg more info

* New Magazine

REFUSED Art Culture Magazine


Features graffiti from Northern/Central California. Graffiti Interviews with Style, Quake, Kasm and Pashe. Music interview with one of the Bay Area’s most talented MC’s, Top.R. Art interview with LA’s own Elizabeth McGrath, article on Bay Area Artist, Alex Pardee, and an interview with one of the art world's most demented multi-media artists, Robert Bowen. Tattoo interview with Jopa from the Central Valley.

$7, US postage included. 100% art, no ads.

Refused Magazine
P.O. Box 581922
Modesto, CA. 95358

[Also available in the Art Crimes store.]

* New Books



Book Ilustration graffiti
Crédits : Mike Thompson, Tilt, Coro36ink, Danyboy, Bom-K, Jaw, Dran, Yko,Obsen, Le Neopen, Leruskof, Nesh, Der, Nikodem, Brusk, Raspage, Vins, Syndrome, Kros, Koa, Posh, Mist, Gzeley, Decktwo...

dispo : all city, hip-hop shop, fnac, virgin. & online.
ISBN : 2-9516455-2-x

180 x 300 mm
Texte / text : français / english


* New Book

DAIM – daring to push the boundaries


artnr_601254_3000141553_03x.jpg artnr_601254_3000141553_06x.jpg artnr_601254_3000141553_05x.jpg

To bring his name into harmony, Germany's 3D-virtuoso DAIM prefers to take graffiti in the »unusual« direction. It seems as if his four letters jump off the walls, explode onto canvases, explore natural environments, and come to life as sculptures.

In this printed gallery, DAIM's versatile techniques and range of artistic motives become clear: the strange glances of exotic fishes, a gas mask from different angles, complex abstractions of his name, acrylics here, drawings there, all executed with a master's control of color, light and shadow. When asked if he departs from traditional graffiti ideas, he answers:

"My aim is to show new sides of graffiti art. There will always be »writers« who paint illegally, but the number of graffiti artists who use new media and styles is steadily increasing. So there are new ideas alongside the old ones."

Now his work is been presented in a book with 108 pages.
title: "DAIM – daring to push the boundaries"
publisher: getting-up/Reisser
language: english/german
ISBN: 3-00-014155-3
price: 21,90 euros
more info: available at the Art Crimes store in the USA

* New Book

GH avisualagency

The GH avisualagency™ monograph features images and descriptions of client work in all media and styles, along with personal and collaborative artworks, illustrations, and photography. The 228 page hardcover book is scheduled to be in book stores January 2005.

* Limited edtition prints for sale


shok1_old_punkx.jpg shok1_bazx.jpg 2stayingpowerx.jpg 3_paybacksabitchx.jpg

The works were completed during a one week residency and are expected to be shown for a minimum of 10 years.

* New DVD

City Space

Vancouver Canada: the who, the why, and the war for visual space in Vancouver. A documentary suitable for the classroom. Food for thought. Classic BC burners. Slideshow bonus feature.

* New DVD

Grovt Skadeverk - Norway graffiti DVD


Available at:

* New Book

Wooster On Paper Coloring Book

* New Collectibles

Bunny Kitty

* New Book

Dalek: Sonik Order of Happiness - March 2005

wholesale distribution and press info:

* New videos

Graf Core

After four year sitting in a police property warehouse Graf Core issue one has been re-released on DVD this week and is now available on our online store at

Don't forget that on 12-22-04 Graf Core 2000 will be released for the first time. Graf Core 2000 is the video that the New York City Police department didn't want you to see. Now you can.

Videograf Productions contact info are:
Phone 212.696.6564
Mailing address is: Videograf Productions
51 Macdougal st # 289 Nyc, Ny 10012

* New Book



* New Children's Book (many languages)

Besok's first children's book "Vincent der Frosch" (Vincent the frog) has finally been released. Besok did the illustrations and his friend wrote the story.

It is written German but from December on it will be possible to receive an English, French and Dutch translation in the form of an accompanying booklet.

You can order it via internet directly from the publisher or at

His second book "Das Sandmaennchen und der Mann im Mond" (The Sandman and the man in the moon) has been released as a part of a series of good-night-stories by the Coppenrath Verlag. It is written in German. Translations of this one do not yet exist. It is a very small book.

Illustrations from both books Also contact Besok at his website with all questions about the books.

Daniel Doebner / Besok

"Vincent der Frosch" (Vincent the frog)
© 2004 Verlagshaus Monsenstein und Vannerdat, Muenster or
ISBN: 3-937312-72-2

"Das Sandmännchen und der Mann im Mond"
© 2004 Coppenrath Verlag, Münster
ISBN 3-8157-3434-7

* New Book

GIANT - Manifestations


Mike Giant has achieved fame as a graffiti artist, illustrator and tattooist. Black ink is GIANT’s specialty and whether his medium is concrete, paper or skin his signature style - made up of equal parts Mexican folk art and Japanese illustration - is unmistakable. This book is GIANT’s first monograph and it features beautifully executed drawings on paper, full scale wall art and impeccably photographed tattoos. A distinctive, cloth-bound hardcover volume GIANT is a must have reference book for all those interested in exploring the possibilities of heavy ink! Includes Skateboard decks designed for think, work from Skullz Press, Tattoo Flash, and a special black ink section on kraft paper.

112 Pages, Hardcover, 120 color illus., 40 B&W Illus., 1-58423-175-0
November 2004
$ 29.95

* New book

Olivier Stak, Selected Works

Design : Nicolas Gley & Olivier Stak.
Crédits photographiques : D. Costes, Hnt, Inkunstruction, S.Magaglio, E. Moutsis, C.Proyart, O.Stak.
ISBN : 2859800034
130 x 198mm,
60 pages pleine couleur/full color throughout
Texte/text : français/english
Septembre 2004
Prix : 20 €

* New video

Men in Black III

mib3coverx.jpg mib3dvdx.jpg

All trains, all Poland. NTSC or PAL, international DVD.

Like Dirty Hands,this is nonstop adrenalin action. Plenty of wholecars rolling. Industrial sound track, good quality video and editing. Not much talking (Polish), but it has English subtitles in some places.


* Online Games

Bomb the World


* New book

Atome: Unleaded


Available from in Australia

* New book

Martha Cooper: Hip Hop Files

Martha Cooper is considered the first and foremost photographer of emerging Hip Hop culture in New York City. Her new book, HIP HOP FILES--Photographs 1979-1984, makes a significant part of her extensive and unique archive accessible for the first time.

Facts: 240 pages / 400 colour photos and 50 b/w photos / Format: 300x225mm / Hardcover Versions: German / English / French Price: 39.99 euros Release: October 2004

* New video

Write and Unite

wnu_pkg_med_whtx.jpg wnu_frt_lrgx.jpg wnu_bk_lrgx.jpg

This DVD is the third Magic Moments video to date (Copenhagen), and has a noticeably higher production quality than the previous two. It's over an hour long, and contains footage from around world, with many of the great painters we are all familiar with.

Brought to you by Great Bates.

* France

Viacom lets artists do billboards

[flash movie]

* New magazine


  • from São Paulo Brazil
  • fresh, violent and ruff
  • 100% brazilian Stuff
  • trains-subways and Brazilian Pichação
  • action scene
  • 32 pages 4x4 full color
  • (no ads inside)


* New book

Straight Lines


With this book, the two german writers Reso and ecb provide an insight into the surroundings their joint projects on walls have to offer. A joint effort (wich lasted 10years) led to the development of a particular and extremely diverse metaphorical language. Numerous photographies (on 128 pages) show how paintings with the spraycan conjoin with classical writing. By reviewing the single works, the attentive observer will repeatedly discover many new details and seemingly hidden cohesions.

title: straight lines
ISBN: 3-980-7478-5-9
128 pages, hardcover
available at Amazon in the US or in Europe:

for further information about the book check:

Mit diesem Buch gewähren die beiden Autoren einen Einblick in das Umfeld, das ihr gemeinsames Arbeiten auf Mauern und Wänden des öffentlichen Raums bietet. Eine nunmehr zehnjährige Zusammenarbeit führte zur Entwicklung einer besonderen und überaus facettenreichen Bildersprache; auf 128 Seiten zeigen zahlreiche Photographien, wie sich Malerei aus der Sprühdose mit klassischen Schriftzügen verbindet. Zitate und Textbeiträge ermöglichen dem Leser einen Einblick in die Inhalte ganzer Bilderserien. Dem aufmerksamen Betrachter zeigen sich auch beim wiederholten Anschauen der einzelnen Arbeiten viele, für ihn neue Details und scheinbar verborgene Zusammenhänge.

* New prints

Mode2 at TomTom

* New Book

Hollywood - The Remix

55-page, black-and-white paperback book of drawings and photographs all centered around the theme of Hollywood. The book contains the work of artists from all over the world including Jace, Mysterious Al, Blek Le Rat, Jet+Rubble, Medium, G in Paris, CUM, MCA, Chimp, Buffmonster, Labrona, Mudwig Dan, Klutch, Yok, Skewville, Eko, and many, many more.

The book is just hitting stores now. It's already available at Vice and Zakka in New York and Subaquatica in Spain. We printed a limited edition run of 1,000 copies.

More info:

* New Video

Legalize This ...

* New DVD


Truskool (Toulouse France) and Macrew (Paris) show us how big projects are done in France. Then they come to the Bronx to party with the old school. Lots of eye candy. This is the New York vacation every writer wants to have. Great music too. Highly recommended.

* New Book

Royal Elastics, Tusk Entertainment and Design is Kinky are proud to introduce


This unique publication sees 29 renowned Graffiti artists from around the world contributing three exclusive and original pieces. Two of these pieces appear in their completed state, showcasing the considerable talents of the chosen artists in full gloss and colour. The third piece is presented in dot to dot format, allowing the owner to complete and color the piece.

Featured artists include Two Things, Daim, Persue and more.

For any information and orders please email or call + 61 410 325 336

[This book rocks! It's a must. - Susan]

* Los Angeles CA: New Mural

"Homage to the Mexican Masters"

a mural dedicated to the Mexican painters who have influenced many young Chicanos' minds.

Location: Cesar Chavez and Arizona in East Los Angeles

We believe this mural can inspire cultural pride and educate the public about the Masters and their influence on the art world, (especially in the Latino community). This mural will feature Los Tres Grandes ( Rivera, Orozco and Siqueiros ) Frida Kahlo, Posada, Tamayo, Camarena and Dr. Atl.

What is interesting about this collaboration is that the mural is designed and will be painted by 7 contemporary aerosol artists (a.k.a. Graffiti artists) that have been influence by these Mexican historic figures. The artists are:

Zender, Nuke, Chose, Siner, Zuco, Scud, Emilioh, Shandu and Duce

For further information please contact:
John Zender at 323 429-6047 or visit
Alex Rodriguez at 323 586-8793 or visit

* New Film

Bomb The System

Narrative (fiction)

* New Video

Fuk Graff


If watching folks paint the Big Apple silver is your idea of a good time, you're in luck! Sh*t-talking hard boys demonstrate the proper use of the New York fat cap and discuss blunt force trauma. The Who's Who of New York bombing and what to wear while you do it. Interesting flix of color stuff and blackbook bombs but they move just a tad too quickly. You'll be leaning on the pause button for full effect. DVD includes a news report warning of the dangers of graffiti, featuring Korn and his crew, plus visual treats from Monk (Boston) and some tasty SPone, KR and Sacer. Scary. Rated R, I guess for "fuk" and the finger in your face the entire time you watch the video. Limited. DVD.

Fuk Graff can be fount at The Scrap Yard in Manhattan (NYC) or in All the Right in Queens.

* New Video


"It's got sick live bombin footage through all the L.A. area, profile on Ralos, Boost, Miker and CULT. Lots of nice productions and all the hot spots in LA"

by four fifth productions.
[I can't find it in their store, so write and ask for it.]

* New DVD

Teenagers from Marz

Your mom will hate this video, not because it's bad, but because it's a Bad Idea. Well a bewildering array of really bad ideas, actually. If you do any of the things shown (except for graffiti), you fail the intelligence test. Metal and hiphop soundtrack accompanies video of things that are sure to injure, kill, or incarcerate you and your friends.

This film answers the question: "What could you do if you had a megaphone, wheatpaste, skateboard, spraycans, wigs, video camera, and lots of drunk friends?" Irresponsible language, nudity, guns, drugs, slapstick, and cheap sexual innuendo of several flavors.

Graffiti content is Quite Good at times and consists mainly of throwups and postering punctuated by 'necks and 'nads until about halfway through, when some interesting freights roll through, with some local assistance. Later, some tasty walls appear.

Editing and production values are way better than we deserve, and it moves along at a brisk frenzy. Will Corsola rules. Guest-star Odorous Amongus from GWAR shows us how not to babysit. A hoot. (filmmakers, USA) (Canada)

* New Video


The scene of Cologne, Bonn, Ruhrgebiet and a mix through Germany.
Info about video:

[It's likely to be PAL format, and that means the VHS tape probably won't play on American TVs. If you're in the US, ask about the DVD zones, because that's a better bet.]

Colortrip Art.
See site for exposition dates, gallery, goods.

* New Books


[ Heavy flash presentation]

Neverstop and a-life present a tribute to rock n roll featuring 56 artists and a vinyl record inside. Dope. Lots of writers such as Reas, Espo, Ease, Shepard Fairey and Futura. $50 each, two volumes. The website mentions preorders, but that's outdated. It's available now but limited so don't wait.

More info and other books:

* New Film

Rock Fresh

* New Book

Graffiti World - Street Art from five continents


376 pages plus 4 fold-out pages with collages.
180 international artists.

Get Graffiti World at Amazon

* New Shockwave Movie

Writer's Block Episode B

Spider schools you on rocking the heavens.

* New book

Amsterdam Graffiti: The Battle of Waterloo

Stadsuitgeverij Amsterdam proudly presents the first historical document on the rise and development of Amsterdam Graffiti in the Netherlands. Amsterdam Graffiti: The Battle of Waterloo, is a full color, hardcover book (160 pages) documenting 25 years of graffiti history focused on the legendary 'Waterlooplein-Hall of Fame' in Amsterdam. Includes exclusive photo material and interviews with: HUGO KAAGMAN, SHOE, CAT22, DELTA, HIGH, PENGO, ZAP, AGAIN, SERCH, SUEZ, ZEDZ, YALT and OWIE. In stores May 20.

For more information check:

* New Book



ACTION:REACTION book release/signing and film screening [New DVD/Book box set]

Adrian Lee's documentation of his ACTION:REACTION gallery exhibits and street campaign throughout San Jose, California and Osaka, Japan, is complete and compiled in this box set containing: freize book, dvd, stickers and patch. The complete box set sells for $75.

As you may know its an accordion style book, once unfolded it stretches approximately 20 feet so one can see the entire project as it was originally intended as it will not be displayed again. Included also is a folding case, four sticker designs that are scaled down versions of the posters used during the project, an embroidered patch so everyone can be in the club and of course the film documenting the project on DVD.

In addition, I took the time to design a limited edition, 2 color, hand stenciled mailing case available only to those who get the book through the website or directly out of my hands. All said, a lot of time was put into making this book a high quality collector piece above and beyond the mass market format.

Visit for ordering information.


* New American Revolution

How To Get Stupid White Men Out of Office

Book Cover

In April alone, people just like you organized 70 book events in 24 States: Arizona, California, Colorado, DC, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, New Mexico, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin.

Go Upski!

* New movie

State Your Name

stateyournamefrontx.jpg stateyournamebackx.jpg


* Designs wanted NYC

Graffiti jewelry and buckles

I'm lookin for some artists to work with herre in nyc. I am a jewelry designer and one of my hottest lines is my graffiti nameplate line- people are linin up for these and its gettin to the point where my artists here in the city can not crank out enough nor do it fast enough for me- i get dope press here in the states, japan, france, and new would be a great barter for services and an even cooler way for these artists to create graf that will endure longer than themselves- please check out my site.

Jules NYC
im- juleskim

* New Book

Barry McGee and Josh Lazcano

Our newly published The Pocket Sized Larceny book by Barry McGee and Josh Lazcano has just arrived. It is available exclusively through Iconoclast. The Pocket Sized Larceny measures 5.5"x3.5" and is 100 pages. First Edition. $6 each plus shipping. Order now: they're going to go fast.

Payments via paypal should be sent to
cost is $6 per book plus $5 shipping per book within the US.
Overseas orders require additional shipping.

* New Video

from Norway

"Oslo Alive"

The movie is 70 minutes, with trains ,walls and live-actions by the All crew and friends. The price is NOK. 250,- or Euro 29,-

"Oslo Alive" can also be bought at;

Available from:

* New book

Made Magazine


Well, they call it a magazine, but you'll call it a book. It's full of luscious photos and street art. Published in Canada.

* New DVD



"STILL FREE" C'est un nouveau projet de graffiti vidéo en cours de réalisation qui sortira au format dvd fin 2004 si tout va bien. Si vous voulez en savoir plus allez sur le site.

"STILL FREE" It is a new project of graffiti video under development. this dvd is planned for the end of 2004 if all is well. If you want to know some more go on the site.

* New DVD

The Art Of Storytelling

Available Now @

Featuring live action from Zephyr, Nace, Chip7, Navy8, Byas, Vism, Pepe, Apes, Eye, Alter, Poser, Newa, Elk, Vizie, When, SeOne, Kemos, Muse, Met, Expert, Aest2, Savior, Next, Sectr, Fatso, Lions, Okae, Sag, Stie, Arys, Pars, Rime, Skoot, Goal, Deja, Skan 53, Bleek, Dyer, Lyes, Phone, Resto, X-rae, and Many Others..

Also coming in June:
The History of Videograf Productions: Volume Two

* Old video now available

Breakin' Barriers



Revamped graffiti 1999 documentary now in stock. Video montage documenting some of San Diego, Califiornia's most profient graffiti writers. Created to facitiate the positive understanding and aspects of urban artwork through in-depth interviews and visuals.

Contact info: or (702) 914.7700.

* New book



The Artifacts street art book is now finished. It will be in shops in France in April. Also available at


We would like to thank these artists and all the people who sent us their stuff from Moscow (Russia) to Perth (Australia).


69001 LYON

T/F = 00 33 4 78 27 72 10

* New book

Stencil Pirates

a global survey of street stencils, out April 2004 on Soft Skull Press!

* New film

Rock Fresh

* Online movie

Writer's Block

by Jesse Hernandez

* New book


9 of the finest Scandinavian graffiti writers!

The book Overground - 9 Scandinavia Graffiti Writers portraits some of the best and most wellknown graffiti writers from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Scandinavia has been known for innovative and unique graffiti for at least a decade. Scandinavian writers are often represented in different graffiti magazines from all over the world. Their styles are original, progressive and sometimes minimalistic, an equivalent to the much respected Scandinavian design. 7 authors have made portraits of 9 of the most interesting Scandinavian graffiti writers. Subjects like creativity, driving forces and to work anonymously are discussed.

"Change is important" says Swedish writer Phily. Scandinavian graffiti finally has grown up. For the writers in Overground one important aspect of graffiti is to communicate their own thoughts through their work. That means that graffiti is constantly under change. The expressions pictured in Overground range from clean graphic works to naivistic, expressionistic and aggressive pieces and tags. Writing in public space means you encounter varied opinions from those who donít paint. "everything and everyone can confront me" says Danish writer Tele who mostly puts up poetic posters while people of the city walk by.

The writers featured are Ance, Egs, Ikaroz, Kegr, Maes, Mr Mucho, Phily, Rilo and Tele. The authors are Josefine Adolfsson, P rra Andreasson, Tobias Barenthin Lindblad, Malcolm Jacobson, Jacob Kimvall, Sara Larsson and Torkel Sj strand.

Overground gives a fascinating insight to a world-wide culture. The book is a luxurious coffee-table book with many photographs, mostly previously unissued.

Overground is published by Dokument, also publisher of the book They Call Us Vandals, and Underground Productions magazine. Overground is edited by Malcolm Jacobson and Tobias Barenthin Lindblad

Read the introduction and a presentation of the graffiti writers in Overground at:
For orders and further questions, contact
Tobias Barenthin Lindblad, or phone +46 736 353 888

Tip: They also carry "They Call Us Vandals," another great book about Swedish graffiti.

OVERGROUND - 9 Scandinavian Graffiti Writers.
Parallell texts English / Swedish, 176 pages. Format 230 x 280 mm, full color.
Release in Sweden May 30th in two different editions:
Hard bound: ISBN 91-973981-I-X (210 SEK/22,8 Euro)
Soft cover: ISBN 91-973981-2-8 (130 SEK/14,1 Euro)

* Art for sale

Kingdom Fine Arts

Marka27, Wombat, Problak, Kwest, Kem5, Clark, Ges, Pose II, Teaze, Spone,

* New Video

Sneak Attack Vol. 2

sneakattack2dvdlabelx.jpg sneakattackcoverx.jpg

fr8hound presents the new Sneak Attack!

Benched burners from Everywhere North America. Good color for a video, and nothing but fr8. Lively. Canadian hopping footage, very scenic. Philly, the South, everyone in between. Monikers, hobo interview, and more paint can collection than you've ever seen.

Available thru Xylene distribution, Scrapyard (NYC), various graff shops thruout the U.S., and by contacting

price: $20/ available on DVD only.

* New books


* New Book

Hamburg City Graffiti

It contains tons of fresh graf and some very interesting interviews, for example one with a judge and one with the parents of a writer. Most of the photos have never been published before! This book is the first to really represent Hamburg and its scene.

There's a lot of fresh Stick up Kids productions from writers like Kewen, Husky, Romeo, Cantwo and Desk7. Check it at

Stylefile's new books

isbn: 3-980-7478-6-7

* New book

Specimen Revs

* New Film

"ROCK FRESH" coming soon!

Journey through the buzzing underground art world with LA's most prolific street artists. Witness how the colors blend, how the angles sharpen, how the shadows emerge. Watch the paint splash on concrete, canvas, metal and brick. Find yourself on city rooftops, the desert, downtown lofts, the sewers, even the forest. And learn what it takes to rock fresh.

For more info contact:

Public Relations
323-908-9700 hq
310-467-4228 cell

* New movie


is a feature-length dramatic film that tells the story of a graffiti artist coming of age in the Mission District of San Francisco. The city's graffiti scene has been integral to the development and production of the movie. The project was filmed entirely in the Mission District of San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area.

More info:

* Madrid and online

On sep. 11th, Madrid street-art activists organized an exposition using the advertising spaces public phones on the streets. The exposition was to launch the project TeGustaLoQueVes (DoYouLikeWhatYouSee) The idea was to promote the occupation of ad-spaces in bus stops, public phones and all places which are supposed to have a social function, and recover them for popular urban expression.

About 40 street artists took the original ads and distorted them with whatever non-comercial motive and technique they wanted.

On the 10th at night, they changed the ads on public phones on the whole street of Gran Via, downtown Madrid, and on the 11th. they walked through the expo, while people from Telefonica were beginning to take them away.

Also, a few months ago they made an urban act party (graffiti as protagonist) against the war, and they have quite a nice video about it: urbanact (click on "video" and download the quicktime .mov version)

* Chicago mural organization

CoopImage Murals

As a part of our effort to provide opportunities to local artists of all ages we facilitate mural painting throughout Chicago. The first of these can be seen at North avenue and California. This would not have been possible without the time and talents of over 30 Chicago artists and their families. More to come! If you are interested in becoming involved with our mural project please contact us through

Cooperative Image Group needs your help! we need you. CoopImage is staffed and funded by people like you. A huge portion of our funding currently comes from private donors and as a charitable organization of this scale your donations directly impact the community we serve.

Although monetary support is of the up most importance volunteers are what make CoopImage happen. We are always searching for reliable volunteers to assist in varying capacities such as:

. Legal consultation
. Accounting assistance
. Educators and program directors
. General contracting services (specifically a plumber)
. Venues for public art (permission walls)
. Artists/Muralists
. Art supplies, new and used.

All donations are tax deductible large items like electronic equip are accepted.

We are actively recruiting a Board of Directs comprised of individuals from Chicago land's diverse communities that are committed to our mission. Contact:

* New Video

Stockholm Live

Stockholm, Sweden: 100% live action on Stockholm's subway and commuter trains painted by some of Sweden's greatest trainwriters such as TheWufc, Ner, ida, F-ups, dt and many more.

60 min

Watch the trailer:

Windows Media

* New Video: September 2003


huslazvideogreecex.jpg pinakidax.jpg

the graff tape
trains from Italy, Germany, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, Egypt
september 2003 on your screen
for details and information:

* New Book

Just Push the Button


Writing Metropolitano
Just Push the Button
di Stefano Monfeli e Monia Cappuccini
Edito da Stampa Alternativa
ISBN 88-7226-763-3
pp. 120
150 color illustr.
euro 20,00

"Writing metropolitano. Just Push the Button" is the second book concerning the culture of "writing" that Stampa Alternativa published after the international success of "Style: Writing from the Underground", published in 1996. The main subject of Just Push the Botton (JPB) is the Roman scene, here since the mid 1980 the local situation favoured the spread of the writing. The stories of other European writers are also described to show how this type of culture is reproducible in all the places where an underground can bring around the "Names". This book does not want to be a conclusive documentation rather a collection of testimonies and pictures about those places where the aerosol art was born and grown, making of Rome the "most bombed" city in Europe.

From the discovery of hip hop universe at the end of the '80s, to the earliest paintings over the railway "Roma-Lido" and the first breakers; from the squats and the Roma Nomentano station to the crawling into the subway lines at the beginning of the '90s; from the meeting with foreign writers, to the spreading over the whole railway network at the half of th last decade. Ice One, Crash Kid, Napal, Fab, 00199, Pane, Stand, Sugo, Joe, Nico, Etc-Trv, Jon, Ztk e gli stranieri Check, Fume, Milk, Sento, Sel, Set: at least three generations of writers alternate in redescribing the life of an underground city. Tangled human stories, which seal the inextricable relationship between writing and the metropolis, as in New York City in the '70s.


* New Book


* New Book

Writing: Urban Calligraphy and Beyond

By Markus Mai, Arthur Remke

[one of the best graffiti art books of the year - Susan]

Long ignored or belittled for its proximity to vandalism, graffiti has become a fundamental aspect of the modern city. In particular, it is writing, an offspring of the graffiti scene, that has left its mark on virtually every visual discipline existing today. Writing has become an invaluable influence and inspiration, especially in the realms of illustration, logo design, motion graphics and architecture.

This book represents the first comprehensive examination of writing -- what it is, how it's done, why it looks the way it does, what it influences and where it's developing. True to its subtitle "Urban Calligraphy and Beyond" this book includes Writers who work on the details of letters, words and alphabets as well as those who have moved beyond two dimensional surfaces to develop three dimensional objects or motion graphics. Yet others are included who, with a graphic design or art background, interact with Writing elements in a surprising or even playful way. The last chapter features artists who use Writing's approaches and "urban tactics", but whose messages have little to do with actual written calligraphy.

About the book:
Title: Writing: Urban Calligraphy and Beyond
Authors: Markus Mai, Arthur Remke
ISBN: 3-89955-003-X
Price: $45 USD
Pages: 208
Trim size: 24 x 28 cm (9.5 x 11 in)
Format: Full color, hardcover
Pub date: July 2003

* New video

Views You Can Use

Very nice new video from California with Bashers, skaters and a whole lot more. As soon as we can figure out how, we'll sell it in our store.

* New Magazine

Day in the Lyfe

* Nuevo articulos en español

Gracias Dose Uno from AK Crew in Monterrey Mexico

character wearing respirator.jpg

"Él ha traducido amablemente el glosario del graffiti y "El Graffiti y tu Salud", un artículo acerca de porqué usted debe usar una máscara (respirador) cuando usted esta pintando con aerosol).

Masks and Your Health [English]. Thanks to our anonymous contributor for the dope digital character.

Graffiti Q & A en Español

* New Book


ISBN 2-9520-0608-6

more info:

* New York

Altoids mural by Smith and Pink

Altoids1x.jpg Altoids2x.jpg

* New Book: Dalek

Dalek - Nickel Plated Angels

Nickel Plated Angels is a collection of Dalek's drawings, illustrations, graffiti and photographs. It's a stunning first monograph that offers the reader a very personal journey into Dalek's strange world, a challenging place where the Space Monkey reigns supreme.

104 pages, Hardcover, 8 1/2'' x 10'' (255 x 215 mm)
146 color illustrations, English
ISBN: 1-58423-143-2
get Nickel Plated Angels at Amazon

* New Book: Dare

Dare Canvases

This is a new picture book of many of Dare's recent canvases. It's a must for every Dare fan.

send $ 24. - in well hidden cash (registered letter) to:

dare 442
4019 basel

* UK: workshops

Cruel Vapors (UK) painting workshops

* Radio opportunities

Transom: How It Works

We're looking for great radio -- things that are less heard, different angles, new voices, new ways of telling, and any other good pieces that haven't found another way onto public radio. Editors evaluate material more by what it does than what it is. Some questions they'll consider:

  • On the air, would it keep you by your radio until it's over?
  • Is the maker someone of talent who should be encouraged?
  • Does it push at the boundary of conventional radio in an exciting way?
  • Will it provoke fruitful discussion online?

Submissions can be stories, essays, home recordings, sound portraits, interviews, found sound, non-fiction pieces, audio art, whatever, as long as it's good listening. Material may be submitted by anyone, anywhere -- by citizens with stories to tell, by radio producers trying new styles, by writers and artists wanting to experiment with radio. As long as it hasn't already aired nationally, we'll consider it.

* New Book



  • $35.00 at bookstores - finally realeased.
  • Paperback, 180 pages, 320 + color illustrations and 5 foldouts.
  • Extensive interviews
  • and more than 180 artists.

See preview pictures
Visit book site (new photos)

By the same authors:
Book CoverBurning New York

Interview with the authors, Jim and karla Murray, by Donna Wiemann

* New Book


at_vania01x.jpg at_twistx.jpg noah-drop-peacex.jpg

Two years of work and four magazines were necessary to create and bring AT DOWN THE BOOK to life.

116 pages of international graffiti, 30 graffiti artists and 20 graphic designers, from all around the world, participated to this) collective project, many graffiti technics are represented in AT DOWN ? THE BOOK. It offers an eclectique and modern vision of graffiti, a colored and graphic "melting pot."

Artists: Jaba, Recto, Twist, Grey, Rio, Loomit, Seak, Esher, Reas, Noah, Stak, Honet, Legz, Hoctes, Sixe, La Mano, Pie, Vania, Space Invader, Amaze, Sento, Mode2, Os Gemeos, Turser, Nascyo, D. Virus, Mear, Milk, Fume

bp 2518
34555 beziers cedex

Where ?
Fnac, Virgin, graffiti shops in Europe

More info:

Tel: 00 33 467 60 43 89

[This book is great! Get it while you can. - Susan]

* Online: Pardee prints for sale at last

Alex Pardee

3 x 5 to 22 x 30! About 15 different images are up for sale now, with more on the way, so check back often.

* New Book from Dortmund

Iron City


Note: No US distribution yet, and Mzee won't ship outside Western Europe.

* QBert and DugOne do it again: New book and CD for kids

Turntable Timmy


Free Will Press is proud to announce the release of Turntable Timmy, written by Award winning children's book author Michael Perry and legendary artist Doug Cunningham. Included with the book is a rap-along CD with scratching by world-renowned turntablist DJ Qbert. It is the first-ever children's book to incorporate the four pillars of Hip-Hop culture (DJing, rapping, B-boying, and graf).

Turntable Timmy answers the call for teachers and parents alike for books written in a Hip Hop format. "In 2002 urban youth, regardless of race have no frame of reference for 'Spot, Jane and Dick' " says author Michael Perry. Turntable Timmy speaks to them in a language and visual medium they understand and embrace as their own.

This kinetic rap-rhyming tale of self-motivation is sure to move both body and mind. Simultaneously, it plants the seeds of self-esteem and positive aspirations in the heart of every listener. Readers will have a hip-hop-till-they-drop good time, as they discover along with Timmy that the key to ultimate success is through perseverance, commitment, and dedication!

It's illustrator Doug Cunningham has been recognized as a pioneer in the West Coast graffiti art scene since 1984. In 2001, his artwork captivated critics and filmgoers at the Sundance Film Festival with the release of the first ever-animated skratch movie, Wave Twisters (Thud Rumble Inc). Doug now resides in Brooklyn, N.Y. This is his first children's book.

Michael Perry is an acclaimed writer of children's fiction. His first book for young readers, Daniel's Ride was awarded the 2002 Latino Literary Hall of Fame award for Best Children's Picture Book.

For info on Turntable Timmy or to order copies visit (click on the "Book Order" link and scroll down).

Written by Michael Perry,
Illustrated by Doug "Dug-One" Cunningham
(Free Will Press; ISBN 0-9701771-7-8
$18.95 Hardcover, reinforced, 11" x 11" 32 pages
To schedule an interview with the author or illustrator contact .

* New Book


haut-us_06.gif haut-us_11.gif

Dran Tayone Posh Souk Miss Van Hex Hept Metan Etoil Jeff Le Vaudou Kensa Reso Wie Gzeley ... from France

* New Book

Two Year Autopsy, by Grime

Article about Grime in Dirtrag

Buy the book straight from Grime

* New book: Aerosol Kingdom

Aerosol Kingdom - Ivor Miller

By Ivor L. Miller
Foreword by Robert Farris Thompson
University Press of Mississippi
$60.00, ujacketed hardback, ISBN 1-57806-464-3
$30.00, paperback, ISBN 1-57806-465-1

Book info

Buy it from Amazon

* Book: The Graffiti Subculture: Youth, Masculinity and Identity in London and New York

Author - Nancy Macdonald
Publisher - Palgrave UK and US (formerly Macmillan)
Publication Date - 13/7/01
ISBN - 0333781902

It is published by Palgrave. Read the publisher's review

* New York: Place to paint

5 Pointz

Jackson ave. & Davis st.
7 train to ct square
E, F or G train to 23rd. St and Ely Ave.

More info:

* New CD-ROM


Shows the influence of GRAFFITI on computer works (Animation, video, 3-D movies, music, ...) from graffiti writers current and retired.

Available in France, Europe, and USA soon.

It will be also aviable on the CD-ROM website :

This CD-Rom is composed of many Flash animations, slide shows, music and videos with simple and effective navigation.

24 French and European artists (or groups) are represented: 33 crew, ACME, AERO STAFF, ANKH, ARIOK, CIEL, ETOIL, EVO, GHENT, JIWEE, LOKISS, MERLIN, MIX GRILL, MUSKA NUMERO 6, OEDIPE, PPCrew, QUATRE, SEKS, SHONE, SOAF, STS crew, WEDZ, YOPER.

* New video from Scotland

A Night on the Styles

Featuring graffiti from Zap and Dust. Breaking from the Random Aspeckts Crew and music produced by world DMC champ DJ Plus One and Scotland Yard MCs!


More info

* New Video: Spain

War Spirit

Spanish writers get up in France, Italy and Portugal. 40 min trains and 20 min walls. See who's who 2002 in Spain. Ask Wanted Magazine to let you know when it's available.

* New Book: by Rough and TiMiD (limited edition)


Rough and TiMiD present 404Design's "Rigidmouth" : a limited edition 72-page collection of their monochrome graffiti, illustration and photography. 404 has also solicited contributions from fellow travellers Charlie Dark of Attica Blues, Juice 126, One Mor, Stormie and Beat 13's Lucy McLauchlan.

This publication is limited to 500 copies with 50 signed by all the artists involved and is available at and and in the Uk from Artomatic, Maharishi, Browns Focus and Bond International or direct from 404 for £12 plus postage and packing: email for details. [Susan says: jump on it. You won't be disappointed.]



* San Francisco: Every week

Precita Eyes Mural Arts Center Offers Low-Cost Art Classes

Precita Eyes Mural Arts and Visitors Center
2981 24th Street, near Harrison Street, San Francisco
348 Precita Avenue, near Folsom Street, San Francisco
Easy parking, served by BART and MUNI


  • Life Drawing
  • Figure Painting
  • Mural Workshops
  • Children's Art
  • Youth Arts
  • Youth Mural Painting

More info: (415) 285-2287

* New Book: Taking the Train

"Taking the Train: How Graffiti Art Became an Urban Crisis in New York City". Scholarly, mostly text, some full color trains.

* New Book: Ultimate Graffsportz

from the Netherlands [in Dutch?]

available through (german) (click "bucher") but it looks like they ship only in Europe.

Bestell-Nr. BU20701 25.51 Euros

* Manchester, England: opening May 2002

Kelzo did a big mural for the new City Gallery in Manchester England. It will be up for 7 years! The gallery dates back to the 16th Century and is worth a look on its own merit. Kelzo's piece is part of a massive installation, so take plenty of film in case you can catch a few flix.


* New Book online

International Dictionary of Aerosol Art

* New Book

Dondi White Style Master General: The Life of Graffiti Artist Dondi White

Party in LA November 10. See the listing below for details.

Book available through fine bookstores everywhere in mid-November. There are not enough copies for everyone in the first publication though, so hurry. carries it for sure. The book is getting rave reviews from writers, so don't wait. It's definitely worth the money.

* New Book

Best of German Graffiti

Besides some of the best German Graffiti Writers, there are some pieces from Seen, Cope2 and T-Kid, Dare, Mate, Fot Crew from Switzerland and Bates from Denmark. They give interesting statements for what big hits they had in the history of graffiti. In short statements the artists answer the hottest questions, for example about the largest illegal graffiti in Switzerland!

* New Book:


by Norbert Siegl

Einen aktuellen Überblick über die Graffiti auf den Wahlplakaten zur Berliner Wahl finden sie auf: . Insgesamt entstanden bei den zweiwöchigen Recherchen 792 Fotos.

Gleichzeitig möchten wir sie auf unsere neue Publikation aufmerksam machen:

Norbert Siegl, 2001: Graffiti-Enzyklopädie. Von Kyselak bis HipHop-Jam. ISBN: 3-85437-199-3, Österreichischer Kunst - und Kulturverlag Besprechungsexemplare bitte direkt beim Verlag anfordern:
Fax: 0043 1 587 85 52
Tel: 0043 1 587 85 51

[This book covers many kinds of graffiti, not just the spraypaint kind. It will be of special interest to researchers -ed]

* New Book: POPaganda

The Art and Subversion of Ron English

POPaganda is the 164-page full color softbound book chronicling the art career of Ron English. POPaganda offers over two hundred photographs of Ron's pirate billboards, oil paintings, and other artistic endeavors. The book also includes essays by art critic and Paper Magazine Senior Editor Carlo McCormick and Colin Moynahan of The New York Times. Ron also offers up some explanations of his creative process.

* Colour Kamikaze - WON.ABC

Won has released one of the most amazing books you'll ever see. Full color photos and sketches of his work, from sequential art to his famous Steel Tattoo dragon trains. This German character master shows some of his finest artwork for the first time in one place.

You can buy your copy from Mzee (Europe) or see Won's page for more information. sells them online (site is in German).

* Classes in San Diego, California

Introduction To Aerosol Art
Instructor Sake

Learn what's behind the writing on the wall as Sake takes graffiti writing from the subways of New York to the walls of Arts College International. Discover how simple signatures evolved into the complex and colorful murals of today. See examples of graffiti from all over the world and watch films documenting the early graffiti writing culture. Create your own tag, stylized alphabet, and a masterpiece on paper and on a wall. An intermediate class is being enrolled as well.

For more info on times, dates and price for the next session, call artscollege (619) 231-3900 or email Sake at

Sake has been writing for 17 years, during which time he has created over 400 murals all over the country. Recipient of an Emmy for work in a television commercial, Sake has been shown in numerous San Diego galleries, including the Centro cCultural de la Raza in Balboa Park. Sake's art career involves murals, graphic design, illustrations, and sign work. Currently, Sake spends his time creating tattoos and free-lancing.

* Demoscene wants you

I don't know how many of you guys into graf are into computers but you might be interested in knowing that there is a scene that exists that parallels what we are involved with in many ways. It's definitely underground, it's definitely underappreciated, and it has roots in the illegal piracy scene. It's called the "demoscene" and there is some heavy talent in it, and even some fellow graf artists.

It's really popular in Europe, and nowadays its really starting to explode in the states. Especially in Chicago, San Francisco, and Dallas.

People have crews which are comprised of coders (programmers... we usually don't do that well in this departament), pixelers (artists using special utilities native to this scene), and trackers (musicians). These people come together to make a production involving all their talents, producing a PC type music video more or less. The effects often are better than stuff being displayed in the top-notch video games and movies.

There are also at times scene competitions and gatherings which really make for a tight community. Of course there are the wars between groups as well.

To all of you looking for a new challenge who want to push your art to the next level, this is the place to be. If you have any questions, need help finding other sceners in your area, or any type of feedback email me at

Here are a few important URLs to get you going.

For the pixeling program (with examples):

for the tracking program:

for some of the best demos:

warning... some of these productions might not work on your machine since they are programmed for specific hardware or soundcards.

* Birmingham, UK, October 7, 1998

CrISE has made a huge public art aerosol painting....... 56ft x 23ft high, dedicated to Dondi.CIA.

Anyone can visit, the wall is in Fazeley Street, Birmingham, UK

* Orlando, Florida Graffiti Art Expo - ongoing

Every third Saturday of the month in Orlando Florda

FONOgRAF hiphop aesthetics, graffiti art expo

Gallery 611, Brookhaven Ave.
Dj battle, Graf battle
caps, drywalls for your freshest are provided, bring your paint
live hiphop, open mic, all writers welcome
represent your crew, bring your creativity
support local hip hop...

for info cal Wes or Shagge at (407) 673 0873
or email

* San Francisco, California


A permanent collection of Twist's work is on display at
The Justice League
628 Divisadero
SF, CA 04117

For more information contact Michael O'Connor @ 415.440-0409 or Elle @ 415.487.4638.


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