Art Crimes: Freight Monikers 6

These images are © copyright 2003 the artists. Please send caption corrections to and mention Freight Monikers 6.

These photos are courtesy of fr8hound:

0203moniker01x.jpg The Solo Artist, The Kodak Kidd 0203moniker10x.jpg Shortstop 0203moniker2x.jpg "RIP El Truncon" by The Kodak Kidd

0203moniker3x.jpg Selzer 0203moniker4x.jpg Faves 0203moniker5x.jpg The Rambler

0203moniker6x.jpg Herby 0203moniker7x.jpg Colossus of Roads

0203moniker8x.jpg Burnin' Vernon 0203moniker9x.jpg Rum Runner

These photos are courtesy of Wes Carr:

ramblerx.jpg The Rambler tgosx.jpg Tgos


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